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Updated How to Use the Color Astronomy SV305 Planetary Camera

Updated How to Use the Color Astronomy SV305 Planetary Camera

Updated How to Use the Color Astronomy SV305 Planetary Camera

Hello guys, thanks so much for loving the Color SVBONY SV305 Planetary Camera. More and more people come to SVBONY and buy it, so I received many emails. Some asked don't know how to use it, because they know SV105 camera, and use the SV105 camera get many great works, but could not use the SV305 well, only get the Green Color. Someone recommended the SV305 camera to his friends and community, give highly praise of this camera.

Today I would like to write this blog to show beginners how to use the SV305 camera, hope more people would love this camera, and this camera could bring you more happiness.


1)   Where to Buy?

You could buy it directly from our website, the site only accept Paypal payment. If you prefer the credit card payment method, then you could buy the sv305 planetary camera directly to our amazon shop. It is more convenient, right?

2)   How to Use?

Many beginners have the SV105 camera, SV105 is standard UVC device, it doesn’t have a driver, because the Windows system install the driver automatically when you connecting the SV105 to your computer.

a, The SV305 camera is different. SVBONY SV305 camera has its own driver and SDK. So more settings could be adjusted and please the customers. Before you use the SV305 camera, you should download the driver and sharpcap software first. Here is the site:

b, Install the driver and software to your computer.

C, connect the sv305 camera to your computer usb port, and put SV305 camera into the diagonal hole,

D, enter the sharpcap software, choose the Svbony sv305, adjust the telescope focus wheel, to find the clear image on the screen.

Note: the default settings could not show you the clear image, you need adjust the Camera Control and Image Control, until get a colorful image.



Q: I can only see the green screen, I can’t get a clear image. Does the camera is defected?

A: Svbony SV305 planetary camera designed with GRGB color. So when you get a green image, don’t be worried, it doesn’t means the camera is a defected one, just change/adjust the white balance, until you could get a normal image.


Q: I can use the SV105 camera, and get some clear images. However, the 305 doesn’t show any image, just the dark screen. What should I do?

A: The SV305 is totally different with the SV105 camera. The SV305 is designed with the SONY IMX290 sensor, it is more sensitive. And its exposure time is from 0 to 1800s, so when you first time to use it, adjust the exposure time, you could get different images. Longer exposure time, you could get more light come in. it won’t be dark screen if you toward to a bright target.


Q: Can I use the SV305 planetary camera with Mac OS?

A: Yes, the SV305 camera work with AstroDMx Capture for Mac OS now.

The AstroDMx Capture software support Linux system, Mac OS, windows system and Raspberry Pi system.  also the Chrome OS. And AstroDMx Capture support SVBONY cameras, so welcome and enjoy it. 

Where to download?


This is not over, the Q&A will be updated in the near future. Any questions, welcome your email to for your reading. 



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Preston lamberton

I can’t get an image on my laptop.

Comment user


I have already replied in your mailbox, please check.

Comment user


Hola. Es posible configurar la cámara antes de ponerla en el telescopio?

Comment user


Yes, as long as the SV305 is successfully connected, you could configure the parameters on the Sharpcap software on the computer.

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Will SVBONY SV305 camera work with a 2x or 3x Barlow lenses on on Meade ETX 80 telescope? And can I also use filters with this camera? Thanks

Comment user


Hello, you are welcome, some of our customers have tested the use of SV305 with Meade ETX 80 telescope to capture galaxy pictures, but they have not tried with Barlow lenses. You could try it. And meanwhile could use 1.25'' filters with this camera.

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Hello I just received the SV305, and I could not find any open source driver for it. I do not like to just install the closed source package you mentioned. Do you have specification for this model, I can write an open source driver for it

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An email reply has been sent to you, please check your email address.

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I just ordered this camera and received it yesterday. Thankfully, the clouds held off for a few hours last night so I was able to get out and use the camera for a nice little session. I love this camera! One thing I wanted to add to your FAQ above, with respect to seeing a black screen when you first try and use the camera, would be the adjustment of the Gamma and Gain settings as well. With the Gamma set at 1.0 I was not able to get a picture of very much at all, even when the exposure and gain was turned up. What helped for me was increasing the Gain to maximum and then lowering the Gamma below 1.0. I ended up finding 0.4-0.5 to be about perfect for my small 5 inch Newtonian telescope. Then normal exposure settings of 2 to 8 seconds provided me with some very nice images.

Comment user

will keep update the FAQ. Thanks very much!

Comment user

Can i use sv105 camera on my svbony403 spoting scope?

Comment author

svbony Author

yes, you could use the sv105 camera with the sv403 spotting scope. only need a photography adapeter to connecting them..

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