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Longer Exposure Time of SV305 Camera


When people know svbony is planning the new camera. I received a message: How long exposure time does SV305 have? I will not answer this question now. here are some testing results. Then you will know what you could do with the SV305 camera.

Test 1; 4s exposure time in the black house.

Svbony Astronomy Camera SV305 .png

Test 2; 16s exposure time in the black house

Astronomy Camera sv305.jpg

Test 3: 64s exposure time in the black house

svbony sv305.png

Is 64s enough for your capturing work? Or it should be longer? So here is my question:

How long exposure time is good enough for a planetary camera? What's your expecting exposure time of the SV305?

welcome your reply in the following comment.



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