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What does the parameter of The Rifle Scope mean?

What does the parameter of The Rifle Scope mean?

What does the parameter of The Rifle Scope mean?

1, Lens and Coating

The lens quality and coating of the rifle scope determine the clarity of the rifle scope, and the sharpness also affects the aiming state of the shooters. When choosing, it is best to choose a good quality Svbony rifle scope, so that there will be no distortion or poor quality on the screen, and the coating is to prevent the reflected light harming the effect. A kind of technical processing, which can betterly improve the light transmittance, increase the clarity, color and sharpness of the picture, and can restore the image better.

2, The magnification of the rifle scope

The magnification of the Svbony rifle scope is related to the viewing distance. In principle, the larger the magnification, the farther the distance is, but there are some limitations in the convenience of the field of view, and the magnification is smaller, the distance is closer, but the overall picture will be very comprehensive, which also has a certain relationship with the size of the lens, mainly for the user's own needs, the most common use rate on the market is 3-9 times, which is also the most reasonable use rate.

3,The reticle of the rifle scope

In fact, this problem does not have to be entangled, the reticle of the rifle scope is to betterly aim at the target setting, the simplest and most common is the cross-line reticle, which is also the most used, like some dense sites with special needs. In simple terms, the more lines on the reticle, the more complicated when you use, so this is why the traditional cross-hair reticle has become fashionable.

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