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Share Your Story with SVBONY

Share Your Story with SVBONY

Share Your Story with SVBONY

Dear you all,

Thank you for your continued cooperation and support of SVBONY brand. SVBONY is now celebrating its 7th anniversary, and we would like to express our gratitude to all the astronomy enthusiasts and friends who have continued to support us.

We are currently planning an activity to collect stories in collaboration with SVBONY. We hope you all can enjoy this activity and participate.

■ Theme:

Share Your Story with SVBONY

■ Activity Period:

11th - 20th, March

■ How to Participate:

Please share any interesting topics or memories about your experiences with SVBONY. For example, posting about the first SVBONY product you purchased on social media, or sharing your favorite... (along with what you wrote), will give you a chance to win prizes.

■ Prize:

1st Prize 2 winners SV225 Alt-Azimuth Mount US$ 139.99 2.jpg Get Details
2nd Prize 3 winners SV231 Color Correction Filter 2" US$ 54.99  3.jpg Get Details
3rd Prize 5 winners SV214Pro Phone Adapter US$ 49.99  1.jpg Get Details

■ Notes:

Please include our designated two hashtags   #SVBONY 7th   #SVBONY story   and the link of the official site when posting, along with sending your article to

Winners will be determined based on the number of likes and shares. We look forward to your active participation and your valuable opinions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your attention!

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