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Unleash the Boundless Wonders of the Universe with svbony

Unleash the Boundless Wonders of the Universe with svbony

Unleash the Boundless Wonders of the Universe with svbony

Dear astronomy enthusiasts,

I am thrilled to share an incredible testimonial from one of our esteemed customers regarding their experience with purchasing svbony telescopes and astronomical equipment. Prepare to be captivated by their enthusiasm and awe-inspiring insights:

I have been enjoying astrophotography from the center of Malang city, under Bortle 5 sky for quite some time using Nikon DSLR camera, a Megrez 90mm f/6.9 telescope, ASGT & ZEQ25 mount, Nikkor 80-200mm camera lens as guidescope, and a modded webcam for guidecam. At that time, I was quite happy with the results.

In the middle of 2023, a friend offered me the opportunity to purchase a guidescope at a very affordable price from a brand that I had never heard of before: the Svbony SV106 50mm f/4. I was skeptical about this product and unsure about its optical performance. However, I decided to buy it because, upon comparison, the SV106 was much lighter than the 80-200mm camera lens I was using as a guidescope.


Surprisingly, the performance of this guidescope exceeded my expectations. Its good design and build quality made my astro gear setup lighter and, of course, improved guiding performance. I began to explore products from Svbony, considering upgrading the components I currently use.
Starting from the modded webcam, I replaced it with the SV905C. The result? Wow! Previously, I often struggled to find guide stars using the modded webcam due to its lower sensitivity. After replacing it with the SV905C, it felt like there was a much wider opportunity to photograph various DSOs without difficulty in finding guide stars.


It didn't take long for me to decide to replace my DSLR with the SV605CC after comparing specifications, features, and of course the price with other brands which use the same sensor (IMX533). 


At the same time, I also added the narrowband filter SV220.


As expected, the equipment upgrades that I made provides significant improvements in term of imaging quality, compared to my previous setup. Without doubt, I added another telescope, the SV503 70ED, as a backup to my current telescope. However, after using it several times, I am very pleased with the quality of the results and now it has become my primary OTA 😄.

All in all, svbony gives me the best price/performance ratio. So far, I am very satisfied with my new astro imaging arsenals configuration and plan to purchase additional gears from SVBONY. And of course, I am confident in what I will get and look forward to enjoying it for years to come ✨📸🔭.


Tips: My current system surrounded by the DSOs that i've imaged with SV605CC, supported with SV905CC, SV106, and SV220.

May your astronomical journey be filled with endless wonder and discovery!

Clear skies~

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