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SV503 Gallery Part 7

SV503 Gallery Part 7

SV503 Gallery Part 7

Author: Roberto Caruso

Carina Nebula

SV503 80mm

From Bahia Blanca, Argentina

The second photo is the same, but with star reduction and more hue saturation.

 Svbony SV503 astrophotography

Svbony SV503 astrophotography

Author: Terry Holland

C/2021 A1 Leonard Comet

1st picture is along with M3 Global Cluster using Svbony UHC 2" Filter and ASI533MC Pro Camera

2nd picture is using SV503 102mm ED Telescope and ASI533MC Pro Camera

 Svbony SV503 astrophotography

Svbony SV503 astrophotography

Author: Mateusz Kruczek

Great Andromeda Galaxy

SV503 80mm ED refractor with 0.8 FF/R ASI071MC-P, HEQ5, ASIAIR PRO

55x300s gain 90

 Svbony SV503 astrophotography

Author: Grim Villanueva II

Andromeda Galaxy

Sv503 80mm w/ Reducer

Nikon D5100

AZ-GTi Mount


240x30sec. Exposure

ISO 1600

No Calibration frames

DSS, PI, Starnet, PS

 Svbony SV503 astrophotography

Author: Simon McNally

Flaming star nebula and the tadpole nebula

Svbony Sv503 70ed with OVLx1 flattener

Canon 600d Ha mod

Moon and skyglow filter

Guiding Svbony sv305 with 50mm guide scope

Astroberry controller

3hour 20mins of 90s exposures at iso800 with calibration frames

Stacked and edited in Siril and gimp

 Svbony SV503 astrophotography

Author: Lino Benz

Svbony SV503 102/714

Cam Qhy294c pro

L-enhance filter

Shots from 300 "

 Svbony SV503 astrophotography

Author: Harald Becher (IG: deepskywatching)

3.5h of Light from IC5070 and NGC7000

Respectively Pelican Nebula along with Cygnus wall and North America Nebula.

By SV503 80ED

 Svbony SV503 astrophotography

Author: Kennerton Agressor


Processed this image using APP and PS.

Mount: AZGTi unguided

Camera: Canon 700D mod

OTA: SVBONY SV503 70ED with SV193 0.8x flattener/reducer

Filter: SVBONY CLS Clip Filter

200 x 30secs @ ISO800

20 each darks/bias/flats

 Svbony SV503 astrophotography

Author: Charlie Ford

Orion Nebula

Svbony SV503 80mm

Svbony Flattener/Reducer

ASI294MC Pro

Optolong L-Extreme Pro


Orion 50mm guide scope

ASI120mm mini guide camera

Sky-Watcher EQ6-R pro

Bortle 8

120s exposures

200 gain

Stacked in DSS

Processed in Pixinsight


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