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Designed in rugged CNC metal to protect the telescope, this portable handle is strong and durable.The SV211 203mm saddle handle is highly adaptable and stable, making it easy to install and use, suitable for SV503 102mm and SV550 122mm OTA.

US$ 46.99 US$ 58.99 -20%

1.sv211 is a comfortable and convenient carrying handle, easy to carry, you can take it off and install it on a tripod at any time.

2. There is also a neat integrated saddle designed to accept SV198 or other brands of boot range and viewfinder range

3.Full CNC integrated finishing anodized aluminum, hard metal texture, firmly fit on your telescope.

4.Compatible products OTA: SV503 (70F6 80F7) SV550 (80F6), make it more convenient for you to use

US$ 31.19 US$ 38.99 -20%

 1. 210mm dovetail plate and adapter(clamp) set easily to do balance work;

2. Dovetail clamp: two M8, five M6, and one 1/4'' hole (Notice: These screws aren't included)

3. Dovetail plate: standard 1/4'' hole, The space at both ends can be passed by M6 screws to connect your telescope.

US$ 42.99

This dovetail base is suitable for most kind of telescopes and has strong compatibility. Precision machined dovetail base, made of high strength aluminum with anodizing aluminium process, durable for long time use. The aluminum material makes the product lighter and easier to carry. Two thumbscrews are included in package which are fit into the recessed slotted mounting holes. The dovetail base is compatible with most finderscopes, like SV182,SV106.

Check the videos for the details about how to connect the SV198 guide scope to the SV503 telescope with W2370A dovetial slot.  https://youtu.be/_qTjtDaJgfY

US$ 9.49

Svbony medium dovetail clamp with a brass screw for telescopes and cameras. We provide you with two colors to choose from, the red one and the silver one.

US$ 22.99

Svbony dovetail mounting plate can be used to mount your telescopes or spotting scopes to tripod head. We provide two colors for you to choose from, the red one and the silver one.

US$ 20.99

Enhanced dovetail clamp with 2 brass screws and locking screws suitable for heavy telescopes. It has the max loading capacity of 20kg. This product just including one dovetail clamp.

US$ 41.99

Svbony fully metal dovetail bracket base and dovetail mounting plate for finderscope. It can fit and protect the tube very well.

Suitable for SV48 and SV48P, not applicable for SV503 series telescope.

US$ 11.99

Svbony black dovetail mounting plate for different sizes of telescopes. We provide you with three specifications of different lengths to choose from according to your telescope size.

US$ 37.99 US$ 39.99 -5%