SV406P 20-60X80 ED Extra-Low Dispersion Dual Focus Spotting Scope

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Sv406P Review

What an excellent spotting scope. One of the selling points for me was the 1 1/4" collet for changing eyepieces and the 2 speed focuser. That makes it a great travel scope for both day and night viewing. The build quality is very good. The focusing knobs are silky smooth. It's well baffled to reduce scattered light. With all caps fitting tightly. My only complaint is that the eyepiece collet diameter is slightly undersized so my slightly oversized astronomy eyepieces are a struggle to put in. The advantage of this tight fit is a better water seal in rainy conditions. Image quality is tack sharp with no real edge distortion. False color is well corrected with nothing around the moon. The zoom eyepiece supplied with it is excellent. The rotation is smooth and it is para-focal so it stays in focus throughout the power range. Has generous eye relief with a nice twist up eye cup. The whole package is a keeper for me.

Impressive quality

A month ago I purchased this scope and I can’t be happier with it. The optical quality is really amazing, just falling down a little bit at 60x magnification, but overall is wonderful. It has confortable focus knobs and you can get really clear and neat images very easily. Building quality is excellent. I use it for birdwatching and and I am delighted. I have tested it both in sunny and cloudy days and the performance has been magnificent, offering high contrast neat images in all conditions. If you are considering an scope for birdwatching I think this is the best option because the quality/value ratio is unbeatable.

It is about a fantastic spotting scope!

Ιt is about an amazing spotting scope, low price - hight quality! It seems to be very well made. The build and the leens quality is exelent! This spotting scope has superior optical features. I am impressed! The glass is good. Also the color is good and the scope works well in low light. It is the best for the ideal weather and the sunny days of Greece, but it was also fine at twilight and at the cloudy days. The scopes controls for power changes and parallax adjustments are excelent too. It does offer very good sharpness and charity. It feels solid, sturdy and it is easy to use. It is very important that the quality of the image not reduce with magnification.I also like that it is waterproof. Even the cover case is reinforced and good quality to keep spotting scope protected.I am very pleased with the quality and the performane of the scope. I use it in archery. At a distance of 70+ meters, I can distinquish my arrows in target from the others, by seeing details sush as the color of vanes (size 1 3/4 inches), because it has hight color reproduction and a very good zooming. The zooming works great and is very smooth. Svbony SV406P 20-60X80 ED Extra-Low Dispersion Dual Focus Spotting Scope, in its price range it is definitely the best of all!


Model SV406P
Power 20x-60x
Objective Diameter 80mm
Objective Material Extra-Low Dispersion Glass
Focal Length 430mm
Objective Lens structure 3-Elements / 3Groups
Eyepiece Diameter 24mm
Barrel Size of Eyepiece 1.25inch
Zoom Eyepiece Lens structure 7-Elements / 4Groups
Type of Prism BaK-4
Prism Coating FMC
Lens PCS/Groups 10Pieces / 7Groups
Real Field of Angle (Degree) 2.1°- 1.1°
Apparent Field of View 42°- 66°
Field of View  (ft/1000yds) 108ft - 60ft
Field of View  (m/1000m) 36m – 20m
Resolution (") 2.0"
Near Focus 18ft / 5.5m
Relative Brightness 16@20x / 1.69@60x
Exit Pupil (mm)  4mm-1.33mm
Eye Relief (mm) 20mm-18mm
Lens Coating Fully Multi Coated
Focus System Dual Focus Mechanism
Focus Type Internal Porro Prism
Nitrogen Filled Yes
Water Proof IPX7
Nitrogen Filled Yes
Eye Cup Type Twist-up
Net Weight 1625g / 3.58lb / 57.32oz
Dimension 405x180x120mm

The Parameter Comparison of SV406P and SA405 Spotting Scope

Model SV406P SA405 SA405
SKU F9355B F9383A F9383B
Magnification 20x-60x 20-60X 20-60X
Objective Diameter 80mm 85mm 85mm
Objective Material Extra-Low Dispersion Glass Extra-Low Dispersion Glass High Definition Glass
Focal Length 430mm 482.6mm 482.6mm
Eyepiece Diameter 24mm 28mm 28mm
Objective Lens structure 3-Elements / 3Groups 3-Elements /2Groups 2-Elements /2Groups
Zoom Eyepiece Lens structure 10pieces/7group 7pieces/4group 7pieces/4group
Prism Coating FMC FMC FMC
Barrel Size of Eyepiece 1.25inch 1.25inch 1.25inch
Real Field of Angle (Degree) 2.1°-1.1° 1.92°- 0.93° 1.92°- 0.93°
Field of View  (ft/1000yds) 108ft-60ft@1000yds 102-48ft@1000yds 102-48ft@1000yds
Near Focus 18ft / 5.5m 12m 12m
Exit Pupil (mm)  4mm-1.33mm 4-1.35mm 4-1.35mm
Eye Relief (mm) 20mm-18mm 19.5-18mm 19.5-18mm
Lens Coating Fully multi-coated Fully multi-coated Fully multi-coated
Focus System Dual Focus Mechanism Helical Focus Wheel Helical Focus Wheel
Nitrogen Filled Yes Yes Yes
Waterproof IPX7 IPX6 IPX6
Eye Cup Type Twist-up Twist-up Twist-up
Dimension 405x180x120mm 430x103x173mm 430x103x173mm
Armor material Rubber Rubber Rubber
Field of View  (m/1000m) 36m – 20m 34m -16m 34m -16m
Resolution (") 2.0"
Relative Brightness 16@20x / 1.69@60x
Apparent Field of View 42°- 66° 45° 45°
Type of Prism BaK-4 K9 K9
Color Army Green Army Green Army Green
Net Weight 1625g / 3.58lb / 57.32oz 2100g 2020g

1.First Svbony ED Spotting Scope, which has Extra-Low Dispersion to maintain color authenticity.     

2.Its eyepiece is removable and can be replaced with a 1.25-inch astronomical eyepiece.   

3.Dual focus makes you to focus more precisely and give you the most perfect experience. 

4.It is nitrogen-filled, completely waterproof and fogproof. You could enjoy hunting, bird watching interest even in wet weather.

5.BAK4 prism and FMC (Fully Multi-Coated) optics, increasing light transmission through the optical path to deliver crisp, high contrast images

6.It has a 80mm caliber to give you a clear and bright field of vision. 

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