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SV605MC Mono Cooled Camera IMX533 for Deep Space Astrophotography

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SV605MC astronomy camera is designed for deep sky photography. It can be used with other attachments for a series of photography activities. It can also be used for moon, planet and sun (extra with solar filter) photography. The sensor incorporates a 14-bit A/D converter, the 14-bit digital output makes it possible to read out the signals of 9.07M effective pixels at a high speed of 20 FPS. Read-out noise is as low as 1.0e which makes sure the highly suitable for high definition, low noise deep space objects imaging.

The release date of the SV605MC will be postponed due to the recent impact of holidays and festivities. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and express our gratitude for your understanding and patience during this period. 

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SV605MC IMX533 Monochrome Cooled Camera  for Deep Space Astrophotography

SV605MC mono camera has a high quantum effect (QE), low readout nose, high frame rate. It can make the details more delicate. Staivis back-illuminated pixel technology and the exposure time of 32 μS-2000S improves sensitivity and can help enhancing image quality in a darker environment.


2 Stage TEC Cooling & Sensor Independent Cavity Design

The sensor of SV605MC cooled camera is designed of the independent cavity which can prevent the CMOS and protective window glass from the brought by multiple cooling.

sv605mc tec cooled camera.jpg

Amplify Control

If you see a weak infrared light source at the corner of the unregulated image, this is a normal phenomenon, because traditional CMOS sensors often do not have no amp-glow during the operation. SV605MC telescope camera uses amplify control circuit, which can effectively suppress the glow.

sv605mc camera with amplify control.jpg

USB 3.0 connection

With USB 3.0 connection, computer can improve the transmission rate, for planet observation, moon default observation, and deep sky objects.

sv605mc with usb3.0.jpg

SV605MC For Deep Sky Astrophotography

SV605MC astronomy camera is designed for deep sky photography. It can be used with other attachments for a series of photography activities. It can also be used for moon, planet and sun (extra with solar filter) photography.

sv605mc dso cooled camera.jpg

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Bang for buck product!

ok so i just received the sv605mc with the filterwheel and NB filters. Also the clouds came rolling in as soon as i received it so bummer i don't think i'll be able to test it out any night soon, so this review is related to the product packaging and general inspection and i promise photos will come as soon as there is a break in the never ending clouds. The order was shipped on monday and i received it today after a little more than four days, which is blazingly fast for my location (mauritius). The camera module as well as all the accessories were well packaged. My biggest gripe about the camera is that it looks too much like the sv605CC ( the one shot color version svBony makes) but you get quite a generous number of different stickers so you can differentiate if you've got both cameras. I have both the sv605CC and now the sv605MC and the build quality is phenomenal! feels solid and well built, i bet you could use that as the end of a hammer and it wouldn't even have a dent :P About the filter wheel, it is solidly built but i did run into some issues when trying to move the filter positions. I disassembled the filter wheel by removing the 4 small screws using the allen key provided and immediately noticed that one of the tube will block the wheel if screwed in all the way inside, so if you ever happen to experience the same issue you just need to unscrew that tube a bit and all will be sorted out. If you want to buy it then go for it you won't be disappointed!


Model SV605MC
Sensor Size 15.469mm(H) x16.375mm(V)
Diagonal 15.968mm
Image Area 11.31mm x 11.31mm
Maximum Resolution 3008*3008
Effective Pixels 9MP
Maximum Frame Rate 20FPS
Pixel Size 3.76μm(H) x 3.76μm(V)
Shutter Type Rolling Shutter
Exposure Time 32ms-2000S
Read Noise 1.0-3.3e-
QE 0.91
Full Well Charge 50Ke-
ADC 14bit
Output Image Format Mono8/Mono16
Pixel Binning BIN1,BIN2,BIN3,BIN4


1. IMX533 Sensor With AR Coating
2. Independent Cavity
3. 2 Stage TEC Cooling
4. Amplify Control
5. Staivis Back-Illuminated Technology
6. USB 3.0/2.0 Cable

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