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SV503 Gallery Part 2

SV503 Gallery Part 2

SV503 Gallery Part 2

Author: Álvaro Oñate

Satellite crossing in front of the M83 galaxy. Single 50-second exposure. SV503 102ED and Pentax K3-II camera.

Author: Paul Capino

First light of the SV503 102mm f/7 scope with a Nikon D7200

Author: Paul Capino

Svbony SV503 102EDF7 + Nikon D7200

Single shot

Author: Massimiliano Olivero

SkyWatcher EQ6-R PRO


SVBONY SV193 flattener/reducer 0.8x

Guidescope 60mm + ASI 120MM

Canon T3I Full Spectrum

Optolong L-Enhance 2"

23 x 300" Light

20 Dark

52 Flat

50 Bias

Author: Vijayakumar Vijayan

Telescope: SVBONY SV503 ED 80mm

Camera: Nikon D750

ISO: 160

Shutter: 1/125

Location: Selangor, Malaysia

Time: 7:20PM

Author: Robert Chapman

Very nice results from the sv503 80mm.

The Ring nebula's angular diameter of 1.4x1.0 arc-minutes makes it a tiny target for this scope at 560mm focal length.

This is 1 frame 10 minutes long. Zwoasi 296mc pro through an Optolong UHC filter.

This image is only processed in pixinsight with a little adjustment to curves and an unsharp mask.

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