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SV305M Pro Monochrome Camera review1

SV305M Pro Monochrome Camera review1

SV305M Pro Monochrome Camera review1

As many Astronomy fans still looking for a proper guide or planetary camera that has both high sensitivity and affordable price, this SV305M Pro Monochrome Camera will be definitely a good choice. Now we have our new monochrome camera-SV305M Pro Monochrome Camera, Dr. Steve had given many tests of this camera and give high comments on this camera, we will give a detailed introduction of the camera so you can learn better about it. 

1.Unboxing time

When I open the box, we have a relatively familiar impression of this SV305M Pro Monochrome Camera-still last the pretty same shape of the SV305 Pro series, the net weight is 135g, small but very solid feeling when holding this camera. The body of the camera without plastic material will provide sufficient guard of accidental collision as well as faster cooling, reduce the read noise more efficiently. In this point, I reveal the inner structure of the SV305M Pro, which has a very unique Heat dissipation structure to cut down the systematic noise and improve the image quality even at long exposure situations.

SV305M camera with two 1.25'' adapters


This camera features USB3.0 and ST4guiding port. Besides, to achieve the camera’s ability, this new SV305M Pro Mono Camera adopt AR coating lens glass to increase light transmission, which rapidly increases the image details and keep most of the information-an improvement compare to SV305Pro(F9198B) has IR650 filter, many Astronomy fans complained the inconvenience it caused of the DSO photography. BTW, the SV305 Pro (F9198C) upgrade to AR coating and now it is very hot on the website, too.

AR coating



The SONY IMX290 sensor will provide superlative image quality by using Starvis Technology, which gets back-illuminated pixel technology used in CMOS image sensors to realizes high picture quality in the visible light and near-infrared light regions. Other information will list as below so you can have a complete picture.

SV305M Pro camera with CS and 1.25'' adapters

Sony technology

Model SV305M Pro
Image Sensor 1/2.8” COMS monochrome Sensor
Sensor Model SONY IMX290
Image Resolution 2M Pixels (1944*1096)
Diagonal Line 6.5mm
Pixel Size 2.9μm X 2.9μm
USB Type USB 3.0
Protective Window AR coated window
Guiding Type 6 Pin ST4 Port
Shutter Electronic Rolling Shutter
Exposure Time 0.03ms-2000s
Exposure Mode Auto/Manual
Gain 1-30
Gain Mode Auto/Manual
White Balance /
Maximum Frame Rate 130FPS (1920*1080) / 500FPS(320X240)
ADC 12bit
Built-in buffer 128M
ROI Any resolution
BIN 1×1,2×2
USB3.0 Cable Length 2m
Guiding Cable 1.5m
Support System Windows8.1& win 10 & Linux &Raspberry Pi & Mac OS
Working Humidity 30%-80%
Operating Temperature -10℃ to +50℃
Net Weight 135g

In the next blog, I will show you the specific operating process of the new SV305M Pro camera and the image quality test with a 4mm CS lens. Thanks for reading.

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