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How to remove the ring set of SV48P?

Recently, a customer asked how to remove the ring set on the SV48P lens barrel. Since the ring set of the SV48P cannot be removed directly, this time I will introduce to you how to remove the ring set.  ...

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New Comments and Sharing about SV48P Recently

The SV48P,  one telescope we released a year ago. As our older telescope,compared with the latest SV550 or the classic SV503, it may not perform well in some aspects, but it seems to have brought some new surprises to those who own it recently, especially for beginners.  ...

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New kid in town-Svbony SV48P telescope

This month we are excited to release our brand new OTA, SV48P 90mm f5.5 refractor telescope. In this blog, I wanna share some of the key features of this brand new telescope.  ...

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Explore the Wonders of the Moon with SVBONY

Through the SVBONY, we can witness the intricate details of the lunar surface and capture stunning images. Whether for scientific exploration or personal interest, lunar observing offers an unforgettable experience. Embrace the journey and let the SVBONY be your gateway to the captivating world beyond our planet.  ...

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