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New Comments and Sharing about SV48P Recently

New Comments and Sharing  about SV48P Recently

New Comments and Sharing about SV48P Recently

The SV48P,  one telescope we released a year ago. As our older telescope, it has some improvements on the basis of SV48. Its performance is relatively simple. Compared with the latest SV550 or the classic SV503, it may not perform well in some aspects, but it seems to have brought some new surprises to those who own it recently, especially for beginners.
We have compiled some feedback about it, hoping to serve as a reference.

"Very nice I love my sv48"   ---Bruce Stoneman

" It’s a solid little performer for a budget scope 👍 " --- Shaun McCartney


Of course, there are some pictures to share with SV48P

Tez Ritesh B ---

SH2-308 | Dolphin Head Nebula: HOO processing
Bortle 8 : Dubai UAE (3xNights)
7:30 hrs of capture
Svbony Sv48p + 0.8x Stella Mira Flattner/Reducer
Sv165 guide scope
Asi533mm pro + Antlia 3nm Filters (ha,oiii)
Asi120mm guide
ASIair plus
skywatcher EQ6R mount + CEM40G

Matheus Pagy---

My first Solar register of 2023. Very happy with the outcome and my SV 48P performance in conjunction with my brand New SV 705C. Used a baaderish white filter in front and a Baader Solar Continuum. Used a UV IR Cut Svbony filter too.

David Lake---

First time stacking and editing a full moon shot from this last week. Used PIPP, AutoStakkert3, and GIMP. Comments or criticisms welcome.
Svbony SV48P
Svbony 2x Barlow
Canon 6D

Erik Vaughn---

My last photo for 2022: Horsehead and Flame nebula and Alnitak out of control here, hah. The sky has been mostly cloudy for the last six weeks, so I've only just been able to figure out guiding and using my AsiAir Pro properly.
I'm super happy with this one, and intend to clean it up with more data and calibration photos in the new year. Happy new year all!
Gear used:
EQM-35 Pro
SV48P 90mm f500
Canon T3i
SvBony 165 guidescope
Asi120mm guide cam
Astro Pixel Processor, GIMP
60x180 sec subs, no calibration photos.
Bryan Huffman ---
M45 taken in early November. This was taken with my first refractor (SVBONY SV48P), Canon 6D, SW Star Adventurer 2i. No guiding, no filters. I don't remember the number of exposures, 800 ISO from Bortle 5 backyard.

"The SV48P offers a lot of bang for buck. So far I am super excited to get out and take photos with it, and it is so rewarding to do so. I finally spent some time taking a proper photo because we had really clear skies for the first time in weeks, and I noticed an optical aberration - the stars had halos. Take note that I use narrow-band filters, so it's not CA.
I found that the objective lens edges are not blackened (Svbony, if you can, blacken the lens edges for new SV48Ps). So I took the risk and blackened the lens edges. The halo did improve, but it looked more like a ring. I did some experimenting and found that it is truly in focus when I see the ring. My suspicion was that the lens spacer was causing this ring - the spacer is transparent, and it is visible in the optical path. So I made a mask which has an inner diameter of 85mm which covers the lens spacer, and the ring is now gone.
I highly recommend making such a mask and giving it a try. I've had one printed now, which I will fix on permanently."    ----Marc Klynhans 

Juka Oliveira  ---40f092e07f3c6ce5ee9789d876d6d325.jpg

Eta Carina Nebula
40 lightframes 180seg
12 darkframes 180seg
20 biasframes
SV48P  + UHC filter.  Canon T3i
APT program to capture. Eq5 mount + guinding 
SV165 - Tracking PHD2.
Capture in 05/09/2024
Local: Praia Grande,  Brasil
Bortle scale - 8"

All in all, it's a compact, budget-friendly telescope for the hobbyist. It may not be able to capture many details, but there is still a chance to see all kinds of beautiful nebulae. For photographers who pursue extreme details, it may not meet your needs. SV550 and SV503 are better choices .
But as an entry level telescope - it will give you a reason to love it!

Any ideas about it you can share with us!

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