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SV550 122mm F7 VS SV550 80mm F6-Explore More Surprises

This large-aperture telescope is an upgrade based on the SV550 80mm. If you put the two together, you will be very surprised!  ...

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Listen to What They Want to Say about SV550 122MM

After the release of SV550 122MM, we received a lot of feedback about SV550 122MM. Do you want to know their feelings after using SV550 122MM? This blog will take you to hear their thoughts.  ...

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Equipment Display of SV550 Apochromatic Triplet 122mm F7 Telescope

The SV550 APO triplet refractor is a compact refractor with 122mm aperture, f/7 focal ratio and 854mm focal length, a great travel telescope for astrophotography and observation.  ...

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