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SVBONY Member Delights: Your Gateway to Limitless Benefits!

From August 15, 2023, the SVBONY official website will open Membership Points function. At that time, SVBONY members who place an order on the official website will accumulate corresponding member points, and these points can be used as cash deductions when placing an order next time.  ...

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SVBONY Brasil 1st Amateur Astronomy Meeting

svbony Brazil representatives will hold the first amateur astronomy meeting in Serra Negra/SP Brazil in September 2023, looking forward to your participation.  ...

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Thanks for the Success of the Cherry Springs Star Party

Our Cherry Springs Star Party of 2023 has come to a successful conclusion. Here let us share the wonderful and unforgettable moments of the party through some photos. At the same time, look forward to meeting all of you at star party again next year!  ...

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The 40th Tainai Star Party

We are excited to announce the 40th Tainai Star Party of 2023 will be held in Japan this August. SVBONY will also participate in the party. The representative of SVBONY participating in the exhibition is Bosque Rico - Popular YouTuber of Astronomy.  ...

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The SVBONY prototype SV305C OSC CMOS camera with AstroDMx Capture.

The SV305C camera is best used with a refractor or reflector telescope mounted on an equatorial mount that can accurately track the motion of the sky. The SV305C has ROI and BIN functions. Any resolution can be set.  ...

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Why Can't I Find a Shipping Method When I Select a Product with Free Shipping?

Why can't I choose the shipping method, When I try to buy SV550 with other accessories?  ...

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