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Review of the Sv406p spotting scope-SC001 camera

Review of the Sv406p spotting scope-SC001 camera

Review of the Sv406p spotting scope-SC001 camera

I am a nature enthusiast. I always loved birds and wildlife in general, even though I only had some old low magnification binoculars. That is why, a few months ago, I decided to acquire a spotting scope to be able to observe the subjects more closely.


When I asked friends about which spotting scope to buy, they recommended scopes that were quite expensive and not affordable to my bucket, so I decided to search on the internet and I found the fantastic Sv406p, which was a hit. From the first moment, I was surprised by the sharpness it offered and the clarity it showed, which allowed me to start capturing moments with my mobile and began my passion for phone-scoping and digiscoping. The Sv406p offers exceptional sharpness at any range, decreasing a bit at top magnification, but is awesome at 60x (many times I try to zoom more than 60x, as the displayed image is very clear).

The Sv406p is a killer in this price range, matching in quality to others spotting scopes that are worth double or more.

A few days ago, I received the Sc001 camera to complement my equipment, since I wanted to test other forms of digiscoping.

The camera comes perfectly packed, and it brings everything you need to start playing with it: a charging cable, an antenna to boost Wi-Fi, a cleaning mop, and a 32GB SD card, which can store hundreds of photos and videos.

When taking the camera out of the packaging, it feels very robust and well built.

The Sc001 camera is capable of adapting to telescopes or spotting scopes that are compatible with the standard 1.25” measurement, adjusting to the position where the eyepiece is located. The camera works without any type of cable since it transmits the signal to compatible devices through a stable Wifi connection and an app created to work specifically with the camera. The images it emits are sharp and do not suffer any cuts, which allows you to enjoy what it captures instantly.

The SC001 works fully automatically, adjusting factors such as brightness, contrast, and exposure on its own, so we only have to worry about locating the subject, making a correct focus with the scope, and pressing the capture button.

The compatible App has three operating modes of shot: Photo, Videos, and Burst shot.

In addition, it allows you to transfer the captured images and videos located in the camera storage to your phone in a simple way. After charging the camera battery, which has about 4 hours of battery life at full capacity (you could connect a power bank to increase its duration), it was time to go out to the field to test how it behaves.

To make the moving easier, I attached a smartphone adapter to my tripod's joystick to keep my hands free to focus on subjects in an easy way. In addition, I used a Bluetooth controller to facilitate the shot and avoid unnecessary vibrations to the set.

Egretta garzetta

It was a sunny day and the sun was hitting the white birds hard, which is a very difficult situation for spotting scopes due to the ease for the image to be contaminated with chromatic aberration, but as you can see, it knows how to deal with it very well and it is barely noticeable, which left me astonishing.

I was very surprised by the quality of the photographs obtained, but even more impressed by the video mode, which is capable of recording amazing images.


After the tests in a place where the birds were moderately static, it was time to put the Sc001 camera to the final exam and go to other places where you have to walk and look for the subjects more carefully. It is in this aspect where the battery capacity of the Sc001 shines since it is essential to have all the equipment ready because you have to be quick to take down the tripod and point and shoot before the subject leaves the place, being essential that the camera stays on and the battery life is sufficient to support a continuous day of birding.

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a sample of the images obtained:

Fabulous for a camera under 100€, don't you think?

The image quality is fascinating, especially seeing the low price of the camera for everything it offers. If you're curious about digiscoping and your spotting scope is compatible with 1,25”, it's a must-have equipment.

None of the pics have been edited with any program, which says much more about the capabilities of the sc001 camera.

Like all Svbony products, the value for money is sensational, offering much more than what you pay for.

Enjoy nature and capture the moment to take it home and remember it forever.

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