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SV406P VS SA401

SV406P VS SA401

SV406P VS SA401

It is a sunny day, can't waste such good weather. so we decide to do a comprehensive comparison of SV406P and SA401 APO many fans are concerned.
1. The sun viewing with SA401- interesting application
We cut a Badder film (density: 5.0) 100×100mm for solar observation, we DIYed a cap to suit the SA401 outer tube, and we use the flocking material to prevent stray light. (Don't observe the sun with the scope directly!!!)

The Sun image by SA401


2. Main features

Name SV406P ED SA401 APO
Magnification 20-60 20-60
Objective lens diameter 80mm 85mm
Objective lens group 3pieces/3group 4pieces/3group(double ED)
Coating FMC Super FMC
Eyepiece diameter 24mm 24mm
Objective lens focal length 430mm 450mm
Eye relief 18-20mm 18-20mm
Exit pupil 1.33-4mm 1.4-4.3mm
Field of view 1.1-2.1°(60-108ft/1000yds) 1.14-2.2°(60-114ft@1000yds​)
Prism Porro BaK4 Porro K9
Net weight 1625g 2192g
Near Focus Distance 5.5m 7.5m
Water Proof IPX6 IPX7

Demonstrating their outward difference in eyepiece, objective lens, focus system, tripod screw size.


3. Image comparison 


What I can say is that they are both the high quality  spotting scope. Without hesitation, SA401 is more excellent thanks to its APO and double ED glasses. In generall, SV406 is suitable for the medium and beginner user, and SA401 are more inclined to which has some experience in using a spotting scope. 

Thanks for your watch.

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