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SV550 122mm-Accessories are Also Very Important!

SV550 122mm-Accessories are Also Very Important!

SV550 122mm-Accessories are Also Very Important!

There's nothing more frustrating than having a new telescope and not being able to use it. Usually, this is because you're missing an accessory, or the accessories you have don't fit together. Usually, this is may because you are missing some accessories, or the one you have is not suitable. So when we designed this new telescope, we also matched a full set of accessories.

This will include:

0.8x Reducer     CNC Handle     Bahtinov Mask        Baader Planetarium     

CAA     Bag    300MM Vixen Dovetail       Multifunctional CNC Tube Ring

You can buy them all at once. At that time, we will also launch limited-time offers and giveaway plans. When you buy a telescope, you may also get a corresponding accessory for free. What do you want us to give away?

For this accessory design, we think that the extra-long dovetail plate and multi-functional tube ring will provide you with better choices, make good use of them, and maximize the function of the telescope! After all, just having a set of telescopes is not enough, although accessories are not the protagonists in astrophotography, they are essential!

300mm Vixen Dovetail


Dovetails are essential for attaching your telescope to your mount.
Especially for large-aperture telescopes, it is very important to bear and maintain balance. At present, most of the dovetails are below 300mm. We have upgraded this for the first time. The 300mm dovetail will make your assembly system more stable, If the bar is long enough, It will help with balancing and reduce mechanical flexure. It will become your ideal helper in the device connection process, providing a solid and safe device installation and fixing.

Multifunctional Tube Ring


It is integrated with the telescope, you don't need to buy it separately. It has 26 screw holes and a mounting screw handle. At the same time, on both sides of the tube ring, we also designed the hole positions, which will give you enough space to match the products you want, such as a guiding scope, astronomical cameras, smart boxes, etc. After all, it is not easy to assemble a set of astrophotography equipment, a multi-functional tube ring allows you to decorate your telescope better! This will save a lot of unnecessarily repeated installation, leaving more time for your astrophotography shooting!
We know that what you may want to know more about is the price and release time and our final candidates now! I hope everyone will wait patiently, we will release it as soon as possible!
Thank you for your continued attention.

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