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The New Bundle of SV550 122

The New Bundle of SV550 122

The New Bundle of SV550 122

Dear friends,

Thank you all for your support of the SVBONY brand.
Since the SV550 122mm APO large-diameter advanced deep-sky photography refractor telescope was launched, it has been deeply loved by many astronomy enthusiasts, and we have also received wave after wave of user feedback and comments.

Let’s take a look at these pictures shared by our users who have recently received the SV550 122mm APO.




In addition, there is also a good news to tell you that SV550 has launched a new telescope bundle combination. In addition to the telescope carring bag that comes with the lens barrel, the new combination also includes the SV209 focal reducer and a heater strip for the refractor OTA. If you have interested in this bundle, pls place an order directly online.



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