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SV134 Fully Metal Multi-Purpose Azimuth Mount Theodolite

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The Svbony SV134 Fully Metal Multi-Purpose Azimuth Mount Theodolite makes it easy and repeatable to align the north pole with the help of an internal gear unit (latitude base). It is suitable for Astronomy Telescope, Spotting Scope, Binoculars and Minocular,  even Photography Cameras. 

Svbony SV134 Theodolite.jpg

Svbony SV134 Theodolite .jpg

Svbony SV134 Theodolite.jpg

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Svbony SV134 Theodolite.jpgSvbony Theodolite SV134.pngSvbony SV134 Theodolite.png

Svbony  Theodolite.jpg

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Model SV134
Material Fully Metal
Horizontal angle 360-Degree
 Vertical angle 120-Degree
Max loading capacity 7.7lb
Underneath the Base thread UNC 3/8-16
Dimension 200*145*130mm

1. Fully Metal Multi-Purpose Azimuth Mount

2. 7.7 pound payload capacity

3. Dovetail plate w/ UNC 1/4" screw

4. Micro-adjustment knobs, The fine movement device can move 360 ° in the horizontal direction and 120 ° in the vertical direction

5. Latitude adjustment lock

6. Be used to mount camera, telescopes, large binoculars and Spotting Scopes

7. Underneath the Base is a 3/8 thread which can mount to many of todays popular photo tripods

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