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Valentine's Day Benefits

Valentine's Day Benefits

Valentine's Day Benefits

Dear astronomy enthusiasts,

Along with the gradual approach of the spring footsteps and the upcoming Valentine's Day, SVBONY has also carefully prepared special Valentine's Day gifts for all of you - for we have always believed that your love deserves to be celebrated.

This activity starts from February 1 to February 29th, and let's have a look at has many highlights and surprises it has:

During February, most of the itemswill enjoy 5%-10% discounts, so that you can buy what you want at the most affordable price.

When you purchase online, you can receive a SVBONY Customized Sticker in your package. Moreover, you can also receive a free SVBONY Customized Coffee Mug for orders over $70.

Last but not least, one of the highlights in this event is that you can earn extra points as Valentine's Day Benefits for orders that meet certain criteria, totally up to an additional 350 points can be earned. And as our regular customers would know, SVBONY Membership Points can be used to partially offset future purchases of products.

 Order Amounts Valentine's Day Benefits
Orders Over $120 100 Points
Orders Over $200 150 Points
Orders Over $300 250 Points
Orders Over $500 350 Points

In February, Let's explore the unknown and embrace beauty together. This excitement is not to be missed!

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