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What's The Filters Function?

What's The Filters Function?

What's The Filters Function?

What are filters? I received some customer emails sv105 sv205 can I add filters? 

What does it mean to buy filters? What does it do? What is the difference between using a filter and not applying a filter?

  1. Can electronic cameras be fitted with filters?

A filter is an optical element used to selectively filter a desired wavelength band of radiation. Most of the substrates are optical glass such as transparent glass, fused silica, colored glass or plastic resin.

Svbony's electronic cameras and astronomical cameras are both 1.25-inch apertures, and 1.25-inch filters can be installed, but the order of installation is also different. According to the different telescopes and cameras used, the installation order of filters is also different.

  1. Why do you need a light pollution suppression filter?

It mainly uses the interference principle of light to obtain the transmission effect of the spectrum. The optical filter deposits films with different refractive indices on the optical substrate through a vacuum coating machine to achieve different optical effects. When multiple wavelengths of mixed light pass through the filter, interference effects are produced due to different refractive indices, resulting in a very high transmittance for specific wavelengths of light while other wavelengths of light are reflected and absorbed.

  1. What is the meaning of buying filters?

Filters reduce light, darkening objects. For filters designed to suppress light pollution, certain types of artificial light wavelengths are blocked, but other wavelengths (especially nebula emission lines) are allowed to pass through, improving contrast. This allows for longer astrophoto exposures before the sky background begins to wash out the desired image. Visually, an increase in contrast can be perceived as an increase in brightness. The filter makes the contrast of the nebula and sky background increase, not the nebula brighter.

4.Comparison of scenes with and without filters

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