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Why Is The Sv105 SV 205 SV305 Screen Blurry? What Is The Reason? How To Solve It?

Why Is The Sv105  SV 205 SV305 Screen Blurry?  What Is The Reason?  How To Solve It?

Why Is The Sv105 SV 205 SV305 Screen Blurry? What Is The Reason? How To Solve It?

Hello svbony users, thank you very much for choosing svbony. Recently we have received a lot of feedback on the problem of sv105 electronic camera,

Q:I bought this camera a while back and I've just installed it and am trying to use it for the first time. I'm just getting a grey screen. If I pass my hand over it the grey gets darker so it's seeing something. I've installed it into two different computers and I'm getting the same thing.

Q:I am setting up my SV105 for the first time and I'm having trouble. It is showing a completely grey screen. I've installed it into two computers and it is the same on both. Is this a defective unit, or is there something I can do?

Q:The problem appears after 8 month non use of my camera. When i use it again, the camera shows only colors like the joined screenshot, nothing other is visible.I change settings right, and nothing correct my problem.Could you help me to fix my camera please ?

Today we will publish a blog to explain why my sv105 is blurry.


First of all, the camera and the computer are normally connected, because there is no black screen knowledge, because our electronic camera is a trick electronic chip to identify the light-sensing imaging, because just looking at the sv105 electronic camera cannot image, we can Connect Telescope or soptting scope to Imaging

When you finish focusing, we can get a clear picture, you can also use for all svbony electronic cameras


If you have any questions, feel free to email me, and welcome to add.


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john wilmore

Does's not work on any Telescope at any time just blurry images . I tried this on Meade LX90 down to Ext80 And my baby The Hardin DSH12 1500 with reducers and without . NOTHING ! The SV105 is a joke Device it is defective and i lost six months of savings on it i am on a fixed income and i cannot afford to by another . i dreamed of taking pictures by night and stacking by day to find something new that's all -jw

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Hello, I have contacted you by email, we will try our best to solve the problem for you

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do you have a video on the svbony 305pro setup

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