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SV503 102ED Telescope - SV193 0.8x Focal Reducer & Field Flattener for Astronomical Observation

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The SV503 series includes SV503 102ED telescope refractor OTA and SV193 0.8x flattener & focal reducer. It is suitable for visual observation and deep-sky photography.

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SVBONY SV503 70ED Telescope With SV193 Focal Reducer / Flattener

sv503 70ed.jpg

Dual Speed Focuser

sv503 70ed with dual speed focuser.jpg

1.25 - 2 Inches Adapter

sv503 70 with adapter.jpg

Solve Fogging

sv503 solve fogging.jpg

For Deep Sky Astrophotography

sv503 70 for deep space photography.jpg

sv503 with focal reducer.jpg

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Awesome little telescope with a small, but annoying design failure

I got this scope a vew days ago. As expected, the quality of manufacturing is at a very high level. Unfortunately I did not yes have the chance to get a first light with the scope, but I am sure it will produce great images. Although, there is a small, but annoying design failure an the focusser in combination with the reducer/flattener. When you unscrew the visual back and attach the reducer/flattener, there is no mechanical stop on the retracted position of the focusser. So it is possible to push the focusser to far into the tube, until the rack and pinion gearing unscrews and the fucousser can fall into the tube! I will make a small 3D-printed washer, to avoid this. Anyhow, good scope! And I hope I can get my first images soon!
Product Name SV503 70F6 ED Astronomy Telescope SV503 80F7 ED Astronomy Telescope SV503 102F7 ED Astronomy Telescope
Type Refractor Refractor Refractor
ED Glass S-FPL51 S-FPL51 S-FPL51
Aperture 70mm / 2.75-Inch 80mm /3-Inch 102mm / 4.01-Inch
Focal length 420mm 560mm 714mm
Focal Ratio f/6 f/7 f/7
Type of Focuser RAP (Rack and Pinion) RAP (Rack and Pinion) RAP (Rack and Pinion)
Gear Reduction 1:10 Fine movement 1:10 Fine movement 1:10 Fine movement
Resolving capacity 1.97" 1.5" 1.17"
Limit value 11.3 11.6 12.1
Light gathering capacity 100x 130.6x 212x
Max. Useful magnification 140x 160x 204x
Tube weight 3.35kg 3.95kg 5.5kg
Tube outer diameter 88mm 121mm
Tube material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Back Focus Length 90mm 90mm 101.9mm
OTA Length 318mm 465mm 630mm
Dovetail & Ring Yes Yes Yes
Dovetail Length 150mm 137mm 200mm
Model SV193
SKU W9152B W9152D
Back focus 55mm
Barrel size 2-inch 2-inch
Threads Standard M48*0.75 M48*0.75
Lens Structure 3-Elements/2Groups 3-Elements/2Groups
Lens Coating FMC FMC
Blackened Lens Edges Yes Yes
Net Weight 164g / 5.78oz / 0.36lb 177g / 6.24oz / 0.39lb

1. The popular SV503 series refractor will provide the best optical quality, whether you use it for Deep-Sky Object or Planets, visual or photography;

2. The compatible SV193 reducer will increase the field of view and improve the image flatness, which is essential for deep-sky photography.

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