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SV503 Telescope ED 102mm F7 Doublet Refractor for Astronomy

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1.Rugged housing prevents damage;

2.Sliding graceful and soft dual-speed focuser;

3.Ed glass (FPL51) can produce very beautiful and clear images;

4.The fully multilayer coated lens eliminates all reflections on the glass, and it has little or no chromatic aberration at high magnification.

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SV503 102ED OTAS-FPL51 glass1:10 Focuser90mm Back FocusSV503 102ED Resolution1.25/2 inch interfaceMetal Hoop with Dovetail Dragon Head Nebula

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A telescope that deserves a good reputation

Hey guys, I recently got a new refractor. The Svbony SV503 ED 102/714. My first refractor with ED glass. In terms of quality, the whole telescope comes across at a high level. It is built solidly and just feels valuable.The dual-speed-RAP-focuser is my highlight! My God! It glides so nice and soft ... now focusing is always a pleasure. Nothing grinds when focusing and there is also no silicone grease that sticks to the fingers. A rotating focuser and ring clips add value to the telescope. But even such simple parts as the screws are milled very filigree and can be moved very smoothly. The lens cap is made of metal and sits well on the dew cap, which can also be moved. That reduces the dimensions during transport. Without tube rings, the tube weighs 3353 g. The ED glass makes a very nice, clear image. Chromatic aberrations only come to light at high magnification and in certain light situations. Finally I can make observations during the day (with low power eyepieces) without disturbing chromatic aberrations. Just yesterday I was watching the moon and I didn't notice any chromatic aberrations! Not even with my Baader Classic Ortho 6mm! Maybe it was because of the position of the moon... I don’t know… All I can say: Svbonys ED-Glas is in no comparison to an achromatic lens! And the negative? It's just a shame that the Svbony doesn't have a 120mm opening. I would buy again!
Product Name SVBONY SV503 102F7 ED Astronomy Telescope
Type Refractor
ED Glass S-FPL51
Coating SMC
Aperture 102mm / 4.01-Inch
Focal length 714mm
Focal Ratio f/7
Type of Focuser RAP (Rack and Pinion)
Gear Reduction 1:10 Fine movement
Resolving capacity 1.17"
Limit value 12.1
Light gathering capacity 212x
Max. Useful magnification 204x
Tube weight(with rings) 5.5kg
Tube outer diameter 121mm
Tube material Aluminum
Back Focus Length 101.9mm
OTA Length 630mm
Dovetail & Ring Yes
Dovetail Length 200mm

1. The appearance of the telescope is baked with high-end fine-grained paint, with exquisite appearance and delicate feel

2. The objective lens features an S-FPL51 extra-low dispersion glass ED element, which eliminates chromatic aberration. This results in the best color correction for an ED doublet lens

3. The lens adopts optical processing and low polishing technology, which is carefully carved

4. The deceleration ratio of the two-speed 2'' toothed focusing seat is 1:10, which makes it easy to achieve accurate focus

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