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SV226 Filter Drawer-Make Astrophotography Easier

SV226 Filter Drawer-Make Astrophotography Easier

SV226 Filter Drawer-Make Astrophotography Easier

Thanks to everyone's support and love for SVBONY, the filter drawer has gotten widespread attention before its release. Since the launch of the Filter Drawer, the SV226 filter drawer has been our top-selling product in Nov and Dec. Also, we’ve received a lot of feedback about the SV226 Filter Drawer.

James Kevin Ty is a tester of the SV226 filter drawer. He received a new product SVbony SV226 filter Drawer for testing the other day. Below is his opinion about the SV226 filter drawer.

From James Kevin


The SV226 includes a solid aluminum filter drawer system that includes also 2 drawers with the set as well as a 2" to 1.25" filter adapter and this allows the interchanging of different filters easily. A 48mm to 42mm ring for you to connect different sizes of 48mm and 42mm rings. The set also includes a hard plastic case to protect the filter drawer from bumps and dents while transporting it. The drawers have 2 small magnets on each drawer side to firmly attach it to the filter drawer system and have a thickness of 21mm thus when using the drawer together with a dedicated cooled camera as well as field flattener, I need to remove the 21mm spacer in place of the drawer to get the needed 55mm back focus.

The drawer is also built like a tank and during the test, there was no light leakage visible when I imagined the bright Moon.

So things are a good investment as the price is not expensive and you get an extra drawer for free with the set. What else would you ask for more? Highly recommended!  


From Dominic Shadbolt


Dominic Shadbolt bought this filter drawer due to the price so that he could use all filters again. After receiving and using the SV226 filter drawer, he concluded that the filter drawer makes things easier. And he highly recommends the accessory!


From Svbony De

Just received the first package of the new filter drawers. Solid quality and the price is awesome.


From Nicholas Barrowclough

Got mine a few days ago they are great!


From Giovanni Leoni

I've rated with 5 stars the filter sv226. perfect! Thanks.


From Jan hägg

When I saw it on your website, I knew I needed one, it works very well, it's easy to change the filter and fits well with the magnets, I think the price is good. I use a sv405cc color camera and sky-watcher telescope. The filter drawer works well and is firmly attached.



We are delighted to develop a product with good quality and price that can satisfy the customers’ needs. Your satisfaction has always been our pursuit. SV226 filter drawer makes astrophotography easier. Hope everyone can have fun in astrophotography with this SV226 filter drawer!

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