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How hunters will get along with nature?

How hunters will get along with nature?

How hunters will get along with nature?

The tragic coronavirus pandemic

The tragic coronavirus pandemic that is still afflicting the world has placed global attention on the value of biodiversity.

Rome, June 3, 2020 - Although the origin of the virus that caused the pandemic has not yet been scientifically ascertained.  Numerous evidences seem to attribute the genesis of the emergence of the virus to the wild kingdom, in particular to bats.The subsequent passage to humans of the new virus, called coronavirus. This would appear to be caused by the marketing of bats for food use. Or as situations of close widespread animal-human interaction can cause the passage of new zoonotic viruses to humans.

The role of hunting activity

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A lack of conservation and sustainable management of the natural resource can turn into a more concrete risk for health. the hunting activity fulfills its role of mediator between the interactions between wildlife and man. In fact, the role of the hunter is precisely to balance the conflicts. The hunting activity materializes in limiting the proliferation of some invasive animal species.
such as nutria, which causes significant damage not only to agriculture, but to the autochthonous biodiversity itself.

The role of the hunter

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This implies a careful evaluation of the structural parameters, the qualitative and quantitative characteristics and the state of health of wild populations. the man-hunter is called to manage the health aspects related to wildlife with the aim of preventing the introduction and appearance of new diseases and to monitor the presence / absence and spread of pathologies.And the hunters, as always, did not hold back: avian flu, swine fever, tuberculosis... 
Many diseases are monitored in the wild thanks to the hunters.
They manage a resource in a sustainable way for present and future generations in the manner and according to the indications deriving from science.

This article is taken from Animal and Agro-environmental Studies and Research Office Federcaccia

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