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New feedback about MK105!

MK105-How does it perform? Or maybe you're interested in it now, but still concerned about its quality, yes, it has had some negative reviews, but most of the issues have been clarified and resolved. We've rounded up some of the recent feedback about it, and let's see what they said.  ...

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Two Feedbacks from Customers about MK105

Problems with spherical aberration and optical axis offset of MK105.  ...

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Is the MK105 Terrible and Not Worth Buying?

We have noticed the recent comments about MK105. Regarding the lens dust and problems during transportation, we will gradually improve and protect it. We are very sorry for the trouble caused to customers and hope that you can continue to believe us and believe this is a good telescope.  ...

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Latest Reviews for MK105

The latest review feedback of the MK105 telescope, It will continue to be updated, any problem just tell us!  ...

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Suggested Combination of MK105 Maksutov-Cassegrain OTA

MK105 Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope exchanges the conventional front corrector plate of a Schmidt with a convex meniscus lens, resulting in a smaller secondary mirror that limits obstruction and increases contrast, while eliminating the need for periodic collimation.  ...

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MK105---How to Collimate Your Telescope?

If you need to calibrate your telescope, check out this blog.  ...

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The First Maksutov-Cassegrain of SVbony--MK 105 Pre-sale Now!!!

High-reflection dielectric coating process , double star-seeking dovetail groove design....MK105 was the first Mak telescope we released and our first foray into planetary telescope development.  ...

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