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Are the SV131 Plossl eyepieces only "entry products"?

Are the SV131 Plossl eyepieces only "entry products"?

Are the SV131 Plossl eyepieces only "entry products"?

Hey guys,

I got the SV131 Plössl eyepieces from Svbony and wanted to do a little review about them.

You find them here:
My set includes the 6mm, 12mm, 17mm, and 25mm eyepieces.
If you look at the low price, then what you get for it is a really good product! I am pleasantly surprised. Forget cheap plastic eyepieces with cloudy lenses.
The "classic" plössel from Svbony is a real treasure. All are made of metal and equipped with a foldable rubber eyecup.
All glass surfaces are fully multi-coated and the overall impression of the eyepieces suggests a valuable product.
The glass element diameters are as follows:
6mm eyepiece - 5mm glass element diameter
12mm eyepiece - 11mm glass element diameter
17mm eyepiece - 16mm glass element diameter
25mm eyepiece - 24mm glass element diameter
The weight of the eyepieces is:
6mm 44g
12mm 54g
17mm 67g
25mm 80g.
According to the website, the eyepieces have a 48 ° field of view. That doesn't sound like much, but if someone like me is a fan of orthoscopic eyepieces and just enjoys sticking to the eyepiece or doesn't want to entrust their children with an eyepiece of $ 300, then this is exactly the right eyepiece! Definitely a noticeable difference in picture and build quality next to simple plastic kit eyepieces.
When looking through, I particularly noticed the bright image quality. I like it very much.
I held my cell phone against the eyecup of the eyepiece. The proportions of the pictures have not been changed. No image processing was done either.
I like the 25mm eyepiece the most. You can grab it well and the large opening and the good eye relief allow you to look through with glasses.
The 17mm and 12mm eyepieces also allow a comfortable look through (without glasses)
But now we come to the 6mm eyepiece. It gets a little more challenging here. In order to see the full field of view, you have to look VERY close to the glass element.
But you will be rewarded with a very sharp image that appears even brighter than with my Baader Classic Ortho 6mm!
I really like terrestrial observations with these eyepieces! Those who don't mind the narrow field of view are well served with these eyepieces. A good bargain for the price! 100%!
As soon as the Hamburg sky becomes cloudless again, I will be able to test the eyepieces on stars, planets, and the moon. I'm very excited. smile.gif
Thank you for your attention
Clear skies...

This blog is reproduced from SkyWatcher-Simon's CloudyNight review and already get his approval.


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