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Do You Have a Deep Understanding of Moon?

Do You Have a Deep Understanding of Moon?

Do You Have a Deep Understanding of Moon?

The moon is a very common and easy to observe planet, and I believe there must be many people who are passionate about exploring the moon.

The moon is the fifth largest satellite in the solar system, with an average radius of 1737.10 kilometers, which is 0.273 times the radius of Earth radius; The quality is close to 7.342 × ten ²² The kilogram is equivalent to 0.0123 times that of Earth. The surface of the moon is covered with impact craters that may have been formed by small celestial bodies. The average distance between the moon and Earth is approximately 384400 kilometers, which is approximately 30 times the diameter of the Earth.

A large number of impact craters filled with basalt lava flows from dark volcanoes are distributed on the front of the moon, forming a vast plain called the "Moon Sea". In fact, there is not a drop of water in the "Moon Sea". There are bright, ancient anorthosite highlands and striking impact craters on the periphery of the moon sea and between the moon sea. It is the brightest celestial body in the sky except for the sun. Although it appears very bright white, its surface is actually very dark, and its reflectivity is only slightly higher than that of old asphalt. Due to the prominent nature of the moon in the sky, coupled with its regular phase changes, it has had a significant impact on human culture since ancient times, such as myths and legends, religious beliefs, philosophical ideas, calendar compilation, literature and art, and customs and traditions.

So what are the areas of great concern on the moon?The following reference data shows 622 objects with English name on the moon.What places are you familiar with?

I am here to list some locations on the moon for you, and you can try to test which ones you know.



Mare Crisium Sea of Crises

Schiller B



Can you easily find them?I guess this is a bit difficult.There are still many places on the moon worth learning from, and the pace of exploration cannot stop. The svbony telescope can provide you with convenience.

Thanks for reading.Welcome to comment.


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Great article. Interesting statement: "the moon is [...] a planet". Is it? :)

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