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About Astronomy Cameras – What You Need to Know

About Astronomy Cameras – What You Need to Know

About Astronomy Cameras – What You Need to Know

About Astronomy Cameras – What You Need to Know

Welcome to choose the SVBONY astronomical cameras. We believe that our cameras will definitely bring you the best astronomical experience. The following is what we have summarized that you need to know before purchasing our cameras. If there is anything inappropriate, please correct us:

Currently, SVBONY ’s astronomical cameras are CMOS cameras, which are mainly divided into three categories: deep space cooled cameras, planetary cameras and guide cameras. In addition, in order to meet the needs of astronomical photography and mobile transmission, we launched the first-generation wifi camera SC001, and next, we will launch the second-generation upgraded wifi astronomy camera. Stay tuned, please!

cmos sensor.jpg

The models of SVBONY camera are described as follows:

SV105(SV105C)\SV205(SV205C)\SV305\SV305C\SV305Pro\SV305MPro\SV305ProAR Coating\SV405CC\SV505C\SV605CC\SV605MC\SV705C\SV905C\SC001. Just note that the order we list has nothing to do with the performance and level of the camera itself.

Among them, SV105 and SV205 are currently off the shelves. The upgraded product models are SV105C and SV205C, which is great for lunar and planetary shots. Moreover, they both are driver-free because they use the UVC protocol. Please notice the currently supported connection system for SV105C and SV205C camera is windows,Linux, Android system. We do not recommend you to use an Apple phone to connect, as that will cause poor compatibility. 

If you use cameras SV305 and above(such as SV305C, SV505C, etc.), you need to install a driver(ASCOM driver or SVBONY Camera), after that, you can use the imaging software Sharpcap, AstroDMx Capture or NINA, etc.

SV305Pro, SV305M Pro and SV905C can all be used as both planetary cameras and guide cameras. You only need to download the corresponding guide software and use the dedicated guide cable that comes with the camera to easily connect it to your scopes.

There are currently three deep-sky cameras, which is SV405CC, SV605CC and SV605MC. The SV405CC is a color deep-sky camera that uses the Sony IMX294 chips, with a diagonal of 23.2mm and a total pixels 11.7 mp. The SV605CC uses a Sony IMX533 chip with a diagonal of 1" and a total pixels 9.0 Megapixel. The SV605MC is a monochrome camera based on the SV605CC. It also uses the IMX533 chip. Currently, the bayer pattern of these cameras is the GRBG pattern.



The following is a summary of some common questions that our users concerned when using the camera:

Q: Why the camera is not detected by my computer?

A: 1)Make sure the computer can recognize the USB external device, you can use a USB flash drive to check the interface of the camputer. If so, it may be a software or system driver problem.

2)Check the battery of the computer, make sure it is sufficient, for the camera may not be able to run or be recognized when the battery of the device is low.

3)Make sure that no other blocking programs such as anti-virus software are opened on the computer that may affect or interfere with the operation.

4)Confirm that the software that you use such as AstroDMx capture or sharpcap is the latest version and is compatible with the computer.


Q: Can SC001 be connected to multiple mobile phones at the same time for viewing?

A: Currently, it only supports connecting to one mobile phone.


Q: I download USB_CAMERA but the image is blurry not clear. why?

A: As the astronomical cameras only have imaging function. If the image is blurry, you may need to adjust the focus through the main lens barrel to ensure that the image become clear.


Q: I only get a white screen or a black screen, if I cover the lens. It seems I can no longer focus the SV105C camera?

A: Before connecting the SV105C to your telescope, please focus on the target first by using a normal optic eyepiece, then replace it with the SV105C camera. You should adjust the focus wheel to reach a clear image on the computer screen. Because the SV105 isn't an autofocus camera. If your telescope is in focus and you still cannot see the image, try to adjust the camera's Exposure, since underexposed, the image is too dark, overexposed, the image is too white to see.


Q: I have a SV905C camera and PHD2 doesn’t work in MacOs, is there any solution via drivers for SV905C for mac?

A: The SV905C camera only supports AstroDMX Capture on mac os. PHD2 can be used on windows.


Q: Where can I download an app for the SV105C & SV205C connecting with my android phone?

A: Download USB Camera in your android APP Store or from Google Play Store


Q: How to use the software N.I.N.A of on SV105C?

A: SV105C & SV205C are not compatible with N.I.N.A


Q:Can the firmware of SV305PRO be updated and upgraded?

A:Currently, svbony cameras do not support firmware upgrades.


Q: Can SVBONY camera be connected with celestron or telescopes of other brand?

A: Yes, they have universal interfaces and are compatible with a variety of telescopes on the market.


For downloading the user manual:

For the driver and software:


Hope that above will be helpful to you!Welcome to leave us messages and questions~

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