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Let SA409-SA410 Fluid Head Tripod Improve Your Photography Efficiency

Let SA409-SA410 Fluid Head Tripod Improve Your Photography Efficiency

Let SA409-SA410 Fluid Head Tripod Improve Your Photography Efficiency

Let's first look at the parameters of SA409-SA410 Fluid Head Tripod.


Hydraulic head​​ SA409(W9174A)​
Gimbal material​​ aluminum alloy​​
Wrist diameter​​ 60mm​​
Quick release plate​​ Standard 1/4 screw port or 3/8 screw port​​
safe load bearing​​ 15KG​​
pitch angle​​ Plus 90 to minus 75 degrees​​
surface treatment​​ Anodizing​​
Tripod​​ SA410(W9174B​)​
Number of tripod sections​​ 4 knots​​
Material​​ Carbon fiber 10 layers​​
Maximum pipe diameter​​ 29mm​​
Minimum pipe diameter​​ 19mm​​
Foot peg conversion​​ Spikes and screw-off rubber feet​​
Axis hook​​ Increased center point weight for improved stability​​
storage height​​ 66CM​​
Bracket and gimbal mounting interface​​ Standard 3/8 screw port​​
Four-level expansion​​ 153CM​​
Axis expansion​​ 189CM​​

General Description

What functions or features are there

  1. lSide pressure quick installation system (fast installation and disassembly in 1 second, which greatly improves the shooting efficiency)
  2. lThe locking knob of the quick release plate (the locking knob is designed to the left side of the gimbal, making the operation more convenient and unobstructed)
  3. lDynamic balance adjustment system (professional hydraulic damping, using imported bearings and damping oil)
  4. lThe one-shaped pitch locking knob (horizontal rotation) can safely bear up to 15KG
  5. lHorizontal rotation (360-degree horizontal rotation without deviation, smooth and stable damping)
  6. lThe handle is more ergonomic
  7. lSuction hexagonal wrench embedded in the quick release plate (easy to operate, one-second access, strong adsorption, convenient built-in storage)
  8. lIt can be transformed into a monopod, a multi-purpose
  9. lLightweight and portable, 180-degree anti-folding

Use scenario

SA409 SA410 is suitable for bird-watching crowd, shooting and shooting crowd, photographing crowd and astronomical observation crowd.

The detachable foot tube can be connected with the cloud platform after being disassembled separately, and can be used as a tripod.

Suitable for asphalt, cement, indoor floor, beach, swamp, snow, to meet more application scenarios and improve stability.

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