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SV41 Pro Mak Spotting Scope - FAQ

SV41 Pro Mak Spotting Scope - FAQ

SV41 Pro Mak Spotting Scope - FAQ

Have you ever used the SV41 mak spotting scope? What do you think of it? Now, the new version of SV41 is coming! 

SV41 pro 28-84x80 mak spotting scope FMC coating for shooting & hunting with tabletop tripod, a lightweight and easy-to-use mak spottingscope with more powerful 28x-84x magnifications, better optical performance and more accurate focusing system. The Mak design folds the spotting scope's light path, resulting in a scope that is much smaller than others of a similar focal length. Take it with you anywhere. 

Let's have a look at its performance!


The FAQ about SV41 pro mak spotting scope

Q: What are the upgrades between SV41Pro spotting scope and SV41 spotting scope?
A: 1.SV41 is 25-75x70mm, SV41Pro is 28-84x80mm.
    2.SV41 Pro has a rotating ring design to facilitate viewing from different angles.
    3.SV41 Pro is dual speed focusing.
    4.SV41 Pro is compatible with finderscopes.
    5.The desktop tripod of SV41 Pro spotting scope is more solid and stable.

Q: Can SV41Pro spotting scope be used to view celestial objects?
A: Of course, the SV41 Pro spotting scope has an 80 objective lens, which can increase more light transmittance. It is also compatible with a finder scope to help you quickly find the target and capture the beautiful starry sky.

Q: How to use it with a finderscope?
A: 1.Compatible with a finderscope, the target can be quickly located at a very small viewing angle.
    2. Remove the two original screws of the spotting scope, install the small dovetail base in the reserved position on the left side, and then use these two screws to fix the dovetail base in place.
    3. After fixing the dovetail base, you can directly insert the finderscope into the fixed simple dovetail slot, fix it with two screws, and then you can adjust the focus by yourself.

Q: Can I use a 1.25inch eyepiece directly on this scope? If not, what kind of ring adapter do I need to use?
A: Tried with 5mm, 8-24mm, 32mm eyepiece, 0.5x reducer and 2x barlow lens.

Welcome to leave messages or comments. If you want to know other information about this riflescope, you can click the link below: https://www.svbony.com/sv41-pro-mak-spotting-scope/#F9334H

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