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SV605CC Major Upgrade

SV605CC Major Upgrade

SV605CC Major Upgrade

Hi everyone! The SV605CC has completed the hardware upgrade, and has optimized the horizontal stripes. The S/N serial code of the new product has been changed to S/N(B). Welcome all of you to evaluate and comment on the new product.


Now, let’s take a look at some combinations and bundles shared by our astronomy enthusiasts.

SVBony 102ed main scope.
SVBony 50mm guide scope.
SVBony 605cc Camera.
SVBony 305pro guide camera.
Field Flatener.
Heq5 pro mount


Orion 8' Skyview Pro Reflector and mount
SVbony 605CC camera
Auto-guiding PHD2 with SV160 guide camera

343 12-second exposures,
15 Darks
10 Bias
10 flats

captured by sv605cc.jpg

SVbony 605CC
Celestron C11 XLT, Tele Vue 2.5x Powermate

Jupiter & Saturn

sv605cc for planetary.jpg

Looking forward to receiving shares from you!

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