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Update on SC311 WiFi Camera and Firmware

Update on SC311 WiFi Camera and Firmware

Update on SC311 WiFi Camera and Firmware

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your support and interest in the SC311 WiFi camera. We are excited to announce the first firmware update for the SC311 camera.

Here's a summary of the updates:

1. Updated Japanese translation
2. Improved share function
3. Added select all pictures function
4. Time Functionality added
5. Adjusted gain and exposure to fix brightness issues

To update your SC311 camera, please make sure to download the new SVBONY Astro software for the update functions to work. Please note that the SVBONY Astro app is not yet updated on iOS and Android app stores. We apologize for the inconvenience and recommend downloading the updated software from the provided links.

Firmware Tool Download:

New Software Download:


iOS: Pls download from the App Store 

Note: Please uninstall the previous version of the SVBONY Astro app before installing the new version.

Instructions for Updating Firmware:

1.Download the SC311 Firmware Tool to your computer/PC.

2. Copy the firmware tool to your SC311 camera's TF card.
3. Insert the TF card back into the SC311 camera.
4. Long press the Power button, and you will see the blue light flashing. This indicates that the firmware is being flashed into the SC311 camera.
5. When the blue light stops flashing and remains steady blue, the firmware update process is complete.
6. Launch the new SVBONY Astro software, connect to the SC311 camera's WiFi, and you will see the firmware update history.


SC311 Firmware Update History: If you want to remove the update history, simply delete the firmware file from the TF card. This will make the update history disappear.

Enjoy the new updates and give them a try!

Closing Remarks: We understand that many users are eagerly awaiting features like live stack function, uncompressed image support, and a more professional app. Our team is actively working on these enhancements, but it will take some time. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Please stay tuned for further updates. Thank you!

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