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This bundle set includes SV220 dualband filter 7nm 2inch, which is properly designed for astrophotography both in light polluted environment, uv-ir cut filter, uhc filter, SV164 dark filter, H-beta filter, SV226 filter drawer or SV133 filters wheel 2inch.

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Unlock the full potential of your telescope equipment for deep space photography with our versatile and multifunctional accessories! Introducing the SV605CC osc color deep space camera IMX533, SV165 30mm f/4 guiding scope, SV905C cmos guiding camera,  SV193 0.8x filed flattener & focal reducer. You can choose whatever you like.

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The SV550 APO triplet refractor is a compact refractor with 122mm aperture, f/7 focal ratio and 854mm focal length, a great travel telescope for astrophotography and observation. The APO refractor is an absolutely upgraded version of the SV550 80mm. The refractor gathers more light, and offers more clear and detailed images, suitable for deep sky photography and observation, for galaxies, nebulae, star clusters and even some fainter deep sky objects, due to the higher limiting magnitude.   

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1.Rugged housing prevents damage;

2.Sliding graceful and soft dual-speed focuser;

3.Ed glass (FPL51) can produce very beautiful and clear images;

4.The fully multilayer coated lens eliminates all reflections on the glass, and it has little or no chromatic aberration at high magnification.

Looking for more info on attaching the 0.8x reducer/flattener to the SV503 102mm ED? You can refer to this link:

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This SV503 Telescope Bundle Set With Solar Filter is suitable for solar observation and photography.

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Enhance your SV503 80 experience with our recommended accessories! Introducing the SV193 flat field flattener/focal reducer, versatile multifunctional dovetail slot, and SV211 telescope handle bar for added convenience. But wait, there's more! Customize your setup with our hot-selling SV220 2inch dualband narrowband filters and SV172 PWM function 430mm dew heater strip.

Explore the perfect combinations in bundle1, bundle2, and bundle3 for a truly optimized astrophotography experience. Upgrade your SV503 80 today and capture the stars like never before!

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This SV503 102ED Telescope Bundle Set includes sv503 102ed refractor OTA, sv193 focal reducer, sv188p diagonal and a 2inch UV/IR cut filter.

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This SV503 102ED telescope bundle set includes 102ed f/7 refractor OTA, SV193 focal reducer, SV211 handle bar(screws and mout screws inside) and SV188P diagonal 1.25 inch. It is worth mentioning that, since the 503 comes with 1.25-inch and 2-inch adapter rings, it can easily connect to any 1.25- or 2-inch zenith mirror, barlow lenses, eyepieces or other optical components without purchasing additional adapter separately. 

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This SV503 telescope combination set includes a 102mm ED F7 refractor telescope, a SV223 90 degree diagonal mirror, a SV182 6x30 right-angle correct-image optical finder scope, a SV211 203mm saddle handle bar and a universal dovetail base. It is a suitable telescope visual set for astronomy.

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This sv550 prime focus photography, also known as direct focus photography, is a method of directly using the telescope to take pictures without adding any optical objects between the telescope and the camera.

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SV406P 20-60×80 ED,  sharp and crisp imaging, suitable for nature observation and archery;
SC001 WIFI camera - easy imaging on the mobile phone screen with mobile phone fingertips, long battery life;
SA402 hydraulic portable and stable tripod, highly recommended!
The SV406P spotting scope could be used with 1.25-inch astronomical telescope eyepieces. Learn more details from

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SVBONY SV550 refractor APO triplet apochromatic telescope 80mm DSO deep space vision and photography suits -- combining the SV550 Telescope with the SV405CC deep space camera, SV209 field flattener, SV210 M63 CAA 360 degree rotator camera angle adjuster, SV191 zoom telescope eyepiece and a SV211 135mm handle bar, enables both deep sky vision & photography.

US$ 959.99 US$ 1,200.99 -20%

The popular SV503 80ED F7 telescope refractor will provide the best optical quality, whether you use it for deep-Sky objects or planets, visual or photography. The compatible SV193 0.8x field flattener & focal reducer will increase the field of view and improve the image flatness, which is essential for deep-sky photography. The SV165 30mm F4 guide scope is very mini and easy to use, widely used in different Astro-observations. The side dovetail slot provides you with an easy way to install the finder. The SV226 filter drawer is indispensable for astrophotography.

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this sv503 set connected for prime focus astrophotography,give you more playing methods,let's try it now,any questions,contact us freely!

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These Mk105 telescope bundle are suitable for visual observation of the sky star. 

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This sv503 set connected for prime focus astrophotography, can give you more playing methods.

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