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Dragon Boat Festival promotion activity

Dragon Boat Festival promotion activity

Dragon Boat Festival promotion activity

The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, and we will have a three-day break in China. I hope everyone will have a happy holiday. All orders will be processed and shipped on June 15th.

1. Promotions

In order to celebrate the holiday, but also to thanks the friends who like and have always supported our products, we hold the following preferential activities.

(1) At the Dragon Boat Festival, we will give a 5% discount for orders over 60 USD. Valid from June 11 to June 14.

(2) Customers with more than 200 dollars can make a wish for an accessory you want in the order (no more than 15 dollars). If there is stock, we will try our best to realize it.


2. What is the Dragon Boat Festival and why do we eat rice dumplings

The Dragon Boat Festival is a day when Chinese people commemorate (commemoration) Qu Yuan, a great poet in ancient China, by eating zongzi and having dragon boat races.
In 340 BC, Qu Yuan, a patriotic poet, and doctor of the State of Chu, faced the pain of national subjugation. On May 5th, he threw a boulder into the Biluo River in grief and anger. In order to prevent fish and shrimp from damaging his body, people poured rice into the river with bamboo tubes. in. In the future, in order to express their respect and remembrance for Qu Yuan, every day, people would use bamboo tubes to store rice and throw them into the river for memorial service. This is the origin of the earliest rice dumplings in our country-the "tube dumplings".
zongzi (a sticky/glutinous rice ball with Chinese dates wrapped in reed/bamboo leaves),many countries in the world also have the custom of eating zongzi.
Peruvians and Filipinos eat rice dumplings on Christmas, and the whole family sits together to celebrate Christmas. Burmese people also like to eat rice dumplings. They use glutinous rice as the main ingredient and cooked bananas and coconut paste as fillings. The main ingredient of Japanese dumplings is rice noodles.
Finally, I wish you all a happy holiday again!

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