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SV305 Gallery Part 3

SV305 Gallery Part 3

SV305 Gallery Part 3

Kevin Parker

Jupiter and Saturn August 27. A bit of a blue patch in the wake turbulence of GRS.

Skywatcher 300PDS 12" F5 Newtonian. Svbony SV305.

Sharpcap, AS!3 and PS.

Kevin Parker

Jupiter and Ganymede in rubbish seeing from last night.

12" F5 Newt, SV305.

Álvaro Oñate

First test of DSO photography with SV305. Svbony SV503 102 ED refractor, capturing with AstroDMX. 50 lights and 50 darks at 10 seconds for ring nebula. 20 lights and 20 darks at 20 seconds for omega Centauri. Stacked with Sequator and developed with Lightroom.

Joshua Cameron

Saturn and Jupiter last night using the SV305 camera with an XT8 dob using Sharpcap. 5000 frames each at 320x240. Then processed in AS!3 and RS6. Seeing was not great, but wanted to test out the new gain settings for the SV305 with the latest Sharpcap. I was quite happy with the results.

Rafael Peñates

Hi, this is the result of my last capture session from yesterday, Saturn and Jupiter.

Taken with my Astromaster 130eq SV305 camera and SV137 (3x) Barlow

Processed with PIPP, Autostakkert and Registax (wavelets)


I forgot to mention that the capture software was AstroDMx

Here's to Part 1 and Part 2.

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