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The SV406P (16-48) spotting scope review-dim environment

The SV406P (16-48) spotting scope review-dim environment

The SV406P (16-48) spotting scope review-dim environment

The rain had not stopped for days since we entered the end of Aug. It's kind of boring when I saw the rains keep trickling on the window glass and wet everything.  
So I borrow the SV406P and try to have some fun on the balcony. Here is the video I take with SV406P and my phone. The time is 6:00 PM, a misty rainy twilight.
I'm very confident now to say that SV406P is appropriate when using in low-light environments. So I won't say too much about the parameters you can search on our website, instead, I took videos and images so you can have a clear picture of this new SV406P spotting scope and decide whether it should be on your wish list.
The below images are taken by SV406P and my phone. Not focus very well, just provide the information so you can judge its quality by yourself.
1. The building is about 100-150 meters, and you can this is foggy, still got a nice resolution and clear image.

1. Distant building

2. In this image, you will have a judgment of the SV406P's optical quality, and the color aberration control capacity.

3. The reflection of the building in the water droplets! I really like the crisp details and noticeable high-light transmittance SV406P shows.

4. High definition image quality, no visible color fringe at the maximum magnification.

On the whole, the SV406P is readily available and relatively inexpensive, it is a decent spotting scope on its level, you can compare it to any other spotting scope you like, you will find you prefer this portable one.

Thanks for reading.

The Youtube video link: https://youtu.be/XU8rDy3Df3k

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