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Do you Have Good Experience of Using the SV305 Camera ?

Do you Have Good Experience of Using the SV305 Camera ?

Do you Have Good Experience of Using the SV305 Camera ?

Our SV305 camera has been on sale for a period of time and has been improved in the continuous feedback of users. Now it has also received a certain degree of market praise. Let us take a look at the feedback of some users.

Michael Borrelli:

The SVBONY SV305 camera is excellent for Lunar and Planetary astrophotography, especially considering its $150 price tag.  Evidence has been accumulating that the SV305 camera can also be used for imaging Deep Sky Objects (DSOs) and so, back in May 2020, I started using my SV305 camera to image DSOs.
All of the attached images were taken with my 6-inch f/5 Newtonian reflector on either a Meade LX70 or Celestron CG-4 mount (neither has autoguiding), in my light polluted (Bortle Class 7) front yard. I used only PhotoShop or PhotoShop Elements to process the images, with no plugins. I did this to see how well the SVBONY SV305 camera images of DSOs could be made to look with minimal expense: DSO astrophotography on a budget.
There are some issues that limit how much you can stretch the SV305 color images in PhotoShop (thermal noise and a color band artifact) but you can still produce very nice, appealing and satisfying images. If you convert the color images to grayscale (black and white) you can stretch them much further to bring out more detail.
The SV305 camera performs almost exactly like the $299 ZWO ASI290MM camera (has the monochrome version of the color SONY sensor in the SV 305) for producing grayscale images, but does so for half the price. That is a real bargain.

Bill Collins:

This was my first successful Moon Image from last year from inside my Observatory, Best detailed image when I first got my iOptron RC6 with the SV305 with SvBony 2x Barlow lens Cell screwed onto the camera nose, Snapshot mode in SharpCap Pro. I am seriously considering of getting a small box truck and attaching a small 5" diameter Dome on it and use as my Mobile Observatory since I lost my other Observatory.

Joshua Cameron:

An evening with the 6SE and the sv305 camera and svbony UV/IR cut filter and the svbony 0.5x focal reducer. I removed the UV/IR filter to help capture the reds in the M27 shot. The focal reducer cause quite a bit of distortion on the edge stars, but the center was quite usable.
I noticed a few black artifacts that seem to be coming from the camera sensor. They are quite obvious in the Jellyfish cluster. Any thoughts on cleaning the sensor of the sv305 camera or removing the artifacts? I thought that the darks might help, I am fairly sure that they are on the sensor itself since they rotate with the camera and were still present when I removed the filter
If you are interested in this product, it is better to pay more attention to the experience of other users or our website information to better understand, consult our staff if you have any questions.


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