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Q&A Part 2

Q&A Part 2

Q&A Part 2

Q: Will the SV138 45-degree Prism Diagonal come to focus in the SV106 60mm Guidescope/Finder? Does the SV106 have enough back focus to bring the SV138 to Focus?

Thanks for your question.

A:  As we tested, the answer is no. The SV106 can match with eyepiece directly. I think you do not add the diagonal is ok. Here is a blog about the SV106, hope it can help you.




Q: Hi there. What is the diameter of the eyepiece for this microscope SV605? Can the objective lens be changed? If so, what is the lens diameter and thread?

A: The eyepiece diameter is 23.2mm. The objective lens screw size is WJ3/5"-1/40". And its screw type is RMS.


Q: Hello, what adapters do I need for the SV409 and SV205? Thank you cordially.

A: The adapters are W2787A and F9110A. But I do not recommend you make that choice. But the SV205 is our astronomy camera, and it is the primary product. So the effects may not very ideal. SV305 is a better choice.


Q: Please advise me – is the SV161 double helical focuser with M42 female adaptor compatible with the SV165 Guide Scope and SV305 Pro camera. I am so far unable to achieve focus with the assembly, or with a 26mm eyepiece.

A: I tested them. But the result may disappoint you. The SV161 double helical focuser with an M42 female adaptor is compatible with the SV165 Guide Scope and SV305 Pro camera.

But there was a problem. With the eyepiece, there was a clear image with the guide scope.

But when I connected the guide scope + helical focuser+ SV305 pro, there was a blurry image on Sharpcap. They can not focus. Maybe because the SV165 back-focal length is short.

But when I take off the helical focuser, just SV305pro with the guide scope can make a clear image. I will keep updating the results for you. My colleague may test them again.

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