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Q: The 360-degree rotation on my 503 will not tighten up, the tube spins very easily. What can I do to fix it?

A: Please see the picture I send you. You just need to adjust the part I circled in green.

You need to tighten the brass screw into the exact place. Then the 360-degree rotation on your SV503 will be tightened up.  


Q: Hi SVBONY, Most focal reducers seem to be able to work with a window of F-ratios. I understand that your field flatteners are optimized for your SVBONY telescopes, but could I still get decent results using one with an 80ED F7.5 to refactor I have?

A: Thanks for your support. The flattener is specially designed for 80ED. So we can not make sure the effective.

Q: Hi, Is SV46P assembled with the BAK4 prism? Or any other?

A: I am glad you are interested in our products. The type of prism used by SV46P is Bak-4, prism coating is FMC. So it can provide a great image.

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