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Q&A -SV550 122MM F7 APO Triplet

Q&A -SV550 122MM F7 APO Triplet

Q&A -SV550 122MM F7 APO Triplet

Dear friends

Thank you all so much for your attention and support for SV550 122mm. It's on sale now. That is definitely a new challenge and progress for us, and we really hope it can truly bring you an extraordinary observation experience.

Regarding it, we would like to make a few warm reminders:

  1. Shipping

All the websites you know so far that are selling SV550 122mm will ship from the warehouse in China, and the arrival time and shipping method are the same. We will deliver them uniformly in early August.But you also may receive it by the end of July if possible.

  1. Reviews

We fully understand that you are all looking forward to more imaging tests, after all, it is the most important thing! Due to the prototypes is limited,our experiencers are still testing. If there is any latest news, we will post it on social media asap. You can check some info on our partners’channels.

1.The Narrowband Channel

2.Bogdan Damian

  1. Pre-sale plan and price

This telescope is a unified price, and it is based on $1599.99.But due to the different taxation and customs clearance policies of different countries, as well as the impact of exchange rate changes, there may be slight differences. If you have doubts about this, you can also contact us for additional adjustments.

  1. Suggestions

The official website may still have some deficiencies in the purchase process and website structure, but it is definitely a trustworthy platform. We can currently send products to almost any country in the world, and guarantee logistics safety and high-quality after-sales service. If you have any suggestions for products or websites, please write to us.

Thanks again for your support!

Clear Sky!


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Does anyone know if this triplet has air gap lenses or not? Cannot find the answer anywhere.

Comment author


Yes, the SV550 122mm triplet has air gap lenses

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