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SV305 Gallery Part 4

SV305 Gallery Part 4

SV305 Gallery Part 4

Author: Melvin John Girado

Widefield image of some of Moon's craters and other lunar features, taken from last week.

SV305/Celestron 130EQ

Author: Renzo Gemignani

Italy - LUCCA

25/09/2021 00:53:30 Loc.time

SW 130/900+barlow 3x+ SVbony305

PIPP + AutoStakkert

Io (yellow) and Europa

Author:Anthony Griffiths

Jupiter from last night,

300" video stacked the best 30%

Sv305, eq6 pro & 2x Barlow.

Author: Diego Melgarejo

Moon at 98%

SV305 pro

Author: Ken Dodd

Jupiter tonight with a C5 and SV305. Io is off to the left.

Author: Anthony Griffiths

A few shots I took tonight before starting my DSO plan.

Sv305, 2x Barlow, eq6 pro, 8" reflector.

Author: Didier Beau

I received as a gift from my son the SV305 that I tested ASAP. I rode it on my Skywatcher 150/750 goto. I'm super happy with the result. Piloted by SharpCap.

Here are my first three tests. The cluster of hercule, Tycho crater on the moon, and a sunspot.

Here's to the Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

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