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Two Recommended Collocation Schemes for SV550 122MM—Visual or Photography!

Two Recommended Collocation Schemes for SV550 122MM—Visual or Photography!

Two Recommended Collocation Schemes for SV550 122MM—Visual or Photography!

Dear friends!

We know you are still very concerned about the latest news about SV550. Before introducing our sets, let us answer a few important questions:

Where are we now?

Our SV550 122mm is being revealed at the Cherry Springs Star Party! And our partner released the first unboxing video and it's really big and looks great! As much as we were concerned about the shipping problem with a large telescope like this, thank god it's in good condition so far! All the telescopes will be equipped with a bag, and we will take more stringent packaging to protect them. We will continue to update more news, so stay tuned! You can view the video here:

What is the price?

Although we have already confirmed the price, it is not time to announce it, but you will know soon, what is certain is that we will give away a 0.8X flattener/reducer during the pre-sale, it is worth about $200, and you do not need to pay the shipping fee, and you will also get our gifts when you place an order on the official website, compare and consider that, it will be very cost-effective! All in all, it's well worth the wait.

When can I buy it?

The whole of July is our pre-sale, you can place an order during this period, and we will deliver them according to the order time. July is also the special sales season for summer sales, and the recommended kits listed in this article will have discounts! Store away ahead of time, waiting to pull the trigger!

Getting down to business: Why might you need this recommendation as a reference? Before planning to buy this new telescope, you should definitely consider these questions:

1. What is my total budget?
2. Which accessory upgrades are necessary?
3. Should I use it for visual or astrophotography?
4. Does the telescope kit include everything I need to start observing?
5. Will my mount still fit this telescope?
For beginners, you may need to consider more. When you decide to buy a telescope, you may have to spend some time and effort to study which accessories are suitable, and then how to install and debug. You may need a lot of information to check, but in the end, it is also possible to buy products that are not suitable. It is often not wrong to choose according to the collocation we recommend, which is convenient and worry-free! Of course, this is only a collocation scheme based on our products. In fact, you can have many choices. If you match according to the same specifications, you will always find the accessories you want. If you already have most of the models or the same type of Product, that's great, all it takes is a new telescope for an instant upgrade!
It may be difficult to say that this telescope is suitable for shooting all types of objects, because a telescope that is best for you depends on your expectations and interests, so it may not be very easy to meet all the basic requirements, but you can put the target on these, you can use it to watch better Jupiter or Saturn, and can also be used to capture farther galaxies, such as M31 M81 M42 M8 M20. And we cannot guarantee that the product combination we recommend is the best in your opinion, but it can fully meet your visual or shooting needs, and it has a high-cost performance. If you find a better matching solution, please let us know!

For Visual:

Telescope F9381C SV550 122mm f7 APO OTA
Eyepiece W9149B SV190  1.25" UF18mm  Eyepiece​
Diagonal W9180B (New​) 2" High Reflective Dielectric​ Diagonal​
Finderscope​ W9141A​ SV182 6x30 Metal Finderscope
Mount​​ W9181A (New​)​ Altazimuth Mount​
Tripod​ W9174B​ SA409-SA410 Fluid Head Tripod

For Photography:

Telescope F9381C​ SV550 122mm f7 APO OTA​
Flattener W9161B (New​)​​​​SV209 0.8X Flattener/Reducer
CAA W9162A (New​)​​​M63*1/CAA
Filter​ W9172B SV220 Dual-Band 7nm Nebula Filter
Filter Drawer​ W9184A (New​)​​SV226  Astronomy​ Filter Drawer​​
Guide Scope W9155A SV198 Mini 50mm Guiding Scope
Telescope Camera F9198G​ SV905C Telescope Camera with CMOS Sensor
Dew Heater W9151A​ SV192 Dew Heater 12V
For the specific functions of each accessory, you can refer to our previous articles.
We will gradually update the matching schemes in other special scenarios to provide you with better references.

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