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SM401 and SV606 comparison

SM401 and SV606 comparison

SM401 and SV606 comparison

Hello, you all, in this blog, I want to introduce the two mini microscopes-SM401 50x-1000x Wireless Microscope and SV606 50X-1000X Wireless Microscope, and do a comparison.

Then I did some comparisons to distinguish the products' pros and cons.


The SV606's bracket is handier and more portable, but when you tilt the microscope near vertical angle, it is not stable at this position because the base is lightweight Aluminum. While the SM401 has a solid pedestal and doesn't have to worry about such a problem,  the orientation is limited to vertical. They are evenly matched on this point.

As for the usability on the phone and the Hotspot on/off and how sensitive it is to be detected, I will give the SM401 a priority position, I test iPhone 5s, Red Mi NOTE9, and VIVO X60, the Red MI is not so sensitive with the two microscopes, maybe the phone question. The SM401 has a screen to monitor battery and wifi conditions.

The LED brightness show, The SM401 bottom design lets it easier to gather light.

As for the optical performance, can't decide which is better.


Thanks for your time!

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