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SVBONY SV503 80 ED F / 7, veranda electronic viewing

SVBONY SV503 80 ED F / 7, veranda electronic viewing

SVBONY SV503 80 ED F / 7, veranda electronic viewing

I thought it was the latest to arrive from China, and it arrived in 3 days.
Instead, Flatner and much more haven't been updated with tracking information. (Lol)
Even if you turn the focus knob, it is correct. The entire lens barrel is also made of metal and I thought it was good for cospa.
Since the back focus is long, OAG. Is also assembled with a humming song.
I found a good extension tube, and the first one I took was Nanten.
The stars in the four corners are not so much.
I bought a flattener (as shown in the pasted image), but the stars are round even without it. (Lol)

SV503 1.jpg

In the above state, if you hang it, it will not be 4.8 kg, but you should be able to
ride the AZ-GTi without any problems.

SV503 80ED weight.jpg

SV503 show.jpg

In the daytime, I decided to align the equatorial mount with a polar axis that I couldn't see more accurately.
After checking with Stella Navi, the south center is on standby from 11:34:00 1 minute before.
The longitude is suspicious because you cannot see the sun directly.
Latitude is Don Pisha at this level.
So I waited for the night.


I tried to solve Jupiter with the lens barrel in the home position.
One-shot in the middle.
Up until now, I've been sloppy, but I'm thrilled to know that I can solve it by doing so far.
I want to make something that matches the local time of the sundial while turning the knob of the equatorial mount, which may be moved a little with the pillar legs of the balcony.
However, the balcony is so small that it cannot be used with an ordinary sundial. Is there a good idea! It's Shiambashi Bruce. (Lol)

This is how to stack 5 seconds infinitely in Live.
Later, when I look at the eMMC, a 5-second Fits image is normally recorded for the time, and it can be composited and image processed as it is.


Self-made pillar legs placed on the balcony
AZ-GTi (equatorial mount mode)
SVBONY SV503 80 ED F / 7
Main camera ASI294MC Pro
Guide camera ASI120MM mini
That's why I was able to see the electronic view on the balcony.
Last night, I didn't attach a filter (light pollution), so I rounded it up appropriately.
I think it's the same as observing the balcony many times, but the windows are narrow and I can't shoot major stars.
Well, it's an equipment test.
Oh yeah, the guide suddenly rampages for no reason.
I haven't updated the firmware of AZ-GTi for almost 3 years, so I upgraded it to
AZ-GTi 3.37
SynScan Pro 1.195

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