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What Did They Do after Receiving SV550 122MM?

What Did They Do after Receiving SV550 122MM?

What Did They Do after Receiving SV550 122MM?

Apparently, the SV550 122mm has made a deep impression on people so far.

On July 28th, we officially started shipping our first batch of telescopes, and after half a month many people received it and happily shared their experiences with us.

The first friend to receive the 122MM was in Taiwan, followed by the first or second friend in the United States and Australia... During this time, we also launched a contest with prizes, and the T-shirts are currently being prepared!


Of course, due to the weather or personal time constraints, we haven't received many shooting photos yet. The summer of 2023 was particularly challenging for astrophotography in Canada and the eastern part of the US due to wildfires. It almost seemed like a tradition that whenever you get a new telescope, there are always cloudy nights... Haha.

Anyway, customers who have received the 122MM are currently trying different combinations and sharing their images of planets and nebulae. Let's take a look at their sharing and also eagerly anticipate contributions from other friends!

Tseng ST

After just three months of enjoying the 80mm telescope, I decided to upgrade to the larger 122mm, and I have no regrets about this decision. Below is a comparison between the results of The Cocoon Nebula IC 5146 taken with the 80mm and 122mm telescopes. Both were captured with the same camera and filter settings for one hour and processed with Siril using just a simple workflow: auto stretch, background extraction, green removal, noise reduction, and median filter. You can clearly see the expected differences: sharper stars, clearer objects, and higher signals captured by the 122mm telescope. A quick analysis also shows the improvement in image quality. As for the slight color aberration at the corners, there could be various reasons causing it, such as a slight tilt of the filter or image plane, but it's actually minor and won't be a problem. I'm glad I made this decision and I'm looking forward to enjoying it even more.


Leo Yu Got my new SV550 122mm and of course, I get cloud for days! Impossible to do long exposure DSO..... So what can I do that doesn't require long exposures? First time doing Planetary......... the edge distortion is due to I was doing eyepiece projection to get more magnification.


David Winkowski

First light with the Svbony SV550 122mm with 0.8x field flattener, with emphasis on the word “light”. Photo of the Omega Nebula taken in my Bortle 7 backyard sky with scope aiming south towards Bortle 8 sky with a 78.4% moon rising. The saving grace was the Svbony SV220 2 inch Dual-Band Narrowband Filter I used for One-Shot color cameras. I was also able to use a 30mm F4 guide scope and had no problem at all with guiding.

david winkowski.jpg

We have selected the comments and initial impressions of the above three reviewers, hope it will be helpful to you! And of course, some friends shared their packages and combos. We are also looking forward to more photos from you!


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