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SVBONY SV905C guiding camera

SVBONY SV905C guiding camera

SVBONY SV905C guiding camera

Finally, we have our first guide camera-SV905C, so follow me, I will give a clear picture of this camera so you don't have to hesitate to buy this SV905C camera or not.

1. Background

Deep-sky photography needs a long exposure time,  while the long exposure time will need precise guiding to make sure the image quality. The long time tracking of the Astro-objects will cause the object to leave the monitor view slowly because of the systematical error, including the mechanical system and the temperature change as well as the atmosphere reflection. The guiding camera is to improve the tracking.

SV905C guiding camera show

2. Introduction

We choose the SONY  IMX225 sensor for the SV905C guiding camera, this keeps the strengthen that high speed and very sensitive, and low the cost to make the price more acceptable. In the meantime, the high dynamic range, 1/3'' CMOS sensor makes SV905C very suitable for DSO( deep-sky object) and planet photography guiding. The CS adapter allows multiple usages.

SVBONY SV905C camera structure


Model SV905C
Sensor SONY IMX225
USB Type Type-C USB 2.0
Total pixels 1.2M pixel
Diagonal 6mm
Maximum resolution 1280*960
Pixel size 3.75μm* 3.75μm
Image area 5.6mm*3.2mm
Maximum frame rate 39FPS
Shutter type Rolling Shutter
Time of exposure 64us-2000s
Read noise 4.0e
QE peak 75%
Full well charge 13ke
ADC 12bit
Gain 0-500
ROI function Yes
Bin 1x1 2x2
Digital noise reduction HCG mode 
Video format AVI
Communication interface DirectShow interface
Application software                     Windows OS: Sharpcap, Firecapture,PHD2,                                                                 ASCOM platform Linux OS: AstroDMx capture for Linux                                Raspberry Pi: AstroDMx Capture   Mac OS: AstroDMx Capture
Compatible system Windows7,Windows10,and Main StreamLinux OS,Raspberry Pi,Mac OS
Working temperature - 5℃~45℃
Storage temperature - 20℃~60℃
Working humidity 20% RH-80% RH
Storage humidity 20% RH-95% RH
Power consumption <0.5W
Back intercept 7.5mm/12.5mm
Protective glass AR Coating
Package size​ 162*132*70 mm​
Net weight​ 230g​

Package Includes:
* Svbony SV905C Guide Camera
* Type-c Cable
* ST4 6PIN Guiding Cable
* 1.25” Extension Tube
* CS-C Adapter Ring
* 1.25” Dust Cover 
* Cleaning Cloth
* User Manual
* CD

The SV905C camera package information

The product link:

SV905C Camera 1.2MP USB2.0 Guiding Camera

Thanks for your time, more information will be released in the following days.

Stay tuned!

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