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SV503 Gallery Part 3

SV503 Gallery Part 3

SV503 Gallery Part 3

Luis Araiza Rodriguez

M16 Eagle nebula, star factory.

Taken last night at the Valley of Fire. I think my stars are a bit blown out but I’m happy with it. Still got a lot to learn doing astrophotography.

SvBONY SV503 80mm ED

Skywatcher EQM Pro

SvBONY 30mm guide scope

ASI Air Pro

ASI183MC Pro


mini guide camera

Optolong L-Pro, L-Enhance

Astronomics O-III

Deep Sky Stacker


2 hours exposure

3 minute subs

Christian Ralph

Another project working on this week

Crescent Nebula

Sv503 80mm

Asi294 mc pro

Sv106 guide scope

Asi 120 guide cam

Christian Ralph

Eastern Veil Nebula with the Sv503

Orion .8reducer/flattener

ASI 294mc pro Cam

SV 60mm guide scope

ASI 120 guide cam

45 300" lights

20 dark

20 flats

Very capable scope

Javier Moreno

Took the rig out to the beach on our first clear night in many weeks. Was able to capture some nice Moon shots.

94% Waning Gibbous.

SvBony Sv503 80ED F/7

SvBony Sv305

Svbony Sv193 .8x FR

Skywatcher AZ-Gti

Captured 10000 frames in AsroDMX

Stacked in Siril

Touched in Lightroom

Luis Araiza Rodriguez

IC 1340, otherwise known as The Bat Nebula and Caldwell 33, is a beautiful portion of the Cygnus loop supernova remnant that reveals delicate wisps and filaments of nebulosity. Sadly, it is often overlooked because of the notoriety of three other portions of the Cygnus loop, namely the Veil Nebula, The Witch's Broom Nebula, and Pickering's Triangle. IC 1340 is the continuation of the Veil Nebula. The nebula lies approximately 1,500 light-years from Earth. Sky&Telescope

I got some good images of IC1340, I’m pretty happy with it.

SvBONY SV503 80 ED

Skywatcher EQM 35 Pro

SvBONY 32mm guide scope

Asi Air Pro

ASI183MC Pro

ASI120MM guide camera

Astro-Tech ATR8 .8x field flattener/reducer

Optolong L-Pro

Optolong L- Enhance

Jason Jacks

First light with the sv503 102mm, loving it so far. The weather isn't quite good enough for deep sky stuff here in south Georgia, but planetary worked out great. Jupiter is with my asi533mc pro and Saturn with my Canon 80d, both through an Svbony 5x barlow.

Jim Toplicar

Here is an image of M16 (Eagle Nebula) captured with my SV503 80mm refractor and ZWOASI294mc one shot color camera. The image is a combination of data taken with an Astonomik SII filter and an Optolong L-eXtreme filter with bandpasses at Ha and OIII wavelength. The image consists of only 30 minutes of data from each filter to create a HOSS color palette.

Paul Capino

My take on the North American nebula

SV503 102mm + SV106 50 mm guide scope

ASI533mc pro + l-extreme + 20x5 min L (20x darks)

Here's to Part 1 and Part 2.

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